Becky G ‘Shower’

I never used to connect with all those massive, summery singles that would come out in the dead of winter in Australia. But now that I’m living in Europe, it clicks and I’m living for it dot co dot UK.

Becky G Shower

American teen rap/pop sensation Becky G‘s onto a tuneful, good one with her new single ‘Shower’, which I guess could be suited to rainy days too. If that’s the reality of what’s outside your window right now.

The 17-year old first caught my eye when she did a feature rap on Cher Lloyd‘s US single ‘Oath’ two years ago. While Ms Lloyd is pressing some rather grown up sounding pop these days, this leaves Becky to readily take on bubbly melodies we expected Cher to do.

‘Shower’ has the sugar and spice combination of rapid-fire rap with a sweet pop hook. The track is produced by Dr Luke, Cirkut and Benny Blanco (hitmakers for Ke$ha and Katy Perry), which explains why this sounds like radio candy.

I love that there is a certain innocence to it. Here Becky sings about being in love and how it makes you do properly silly stuff you won’t want your crush to find out, like “dancing in the mirror” and “singing in the shower”.


Rather than being a frenetic production with thumping EDM beats, ‘Shower’ endears me with its simplicity.

This is something of a welcome break from the raucous, bass-heavy trend pop cycled through in the last three years – reference: Nicki Minaj (‘Pound The Alarm’, ‘Starships’), Pitbull, Lady Gaga and J.Lo etc.

It seems like everyone in pop is deliberately going for a lighter and more restraint approach now, letting a simple melody do the work for once, as opposed to relying on a fierce beat. See case in action: Nicole Scherzinger‘s new one ‘Your Love‘ and Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Pills N Potions‘.

Are you feeling it?



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