Melissa Steel ‘Kisses for Breakfast’

You might’ve heard this tune on the radio or even seen her name pop up in Spotify ad banners in the last month, but who is Melissa Steel and why is she serving us ‘Kisses for Breakfast’?

melissa steel kisses for breakfast

The 20-year old Bradford babe’s first solo single is one flirtatious treat that remind us of the sugary melodies and sexy innocence of Rihanna‘s first album.

She teases, “Early in the morning, I’m gonna give you something priceless”. Oh, lawd.

The twinkly reggae-pop tune is slowly working its way to becoming one of the UK’s most irresistible summer jams this year. It’s currently circling the UK iTunes Top 10 so I’m not surprised that it makes it big official chart debut some time next week.

‘Kisses for Breakfast’ is produced by upcoming UK talent Wunda and features freestyle rhymes by Popcaan, a dancehall artist who has worked with the likes of Drake, Major Lazer and Snoop Lion (as he is now called, people).

‘Kisses for Breakfast’ is Melissa’s first proper single after popping up as a guest vocalist on Kove’s big 90s-style house track Way We Are, which peaked at #30 two weeks ago on the UK singles chart.

Ms Steel is currently writing her debut album and collaborating with producers like Kz, who has worked with Wretch 32. So it’s safe to say that she might go in a more rhythmic pop direction than big, raving dance.

I mean, her honeyed vocals would do well in both genres anyway, so really, she could do a Kelly Rowland and drop an R&B and dance record in tandem. We all remember how effective that was for Kelly, yeah?

The summery video for ‘Kisses For Breakfast’ was filmed in Jamaica, where we all wish we could be right now. Judging by Melissa’s stunning features, we’re sure it won’t be long before every guy in front of the telly starts blowing her kisses.


Side bar: It’s so funny that there’s two artworks for this single circulating on the web. The earlier version, I believe, is the one with her name bigger than the song title. Then somebody decided Melissa’s name isn’t that important at this point in her blossoming career and bumped up the song title instead (see above).


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