Troye Sivan ‘Happy Little Pill’

He’s had over 91 million views on YouTube, starred in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and his debut single is one of the coolest tracks you’ll hear this summer.


Everybody say ‘hey’ and wave at your screen to 19-year old South African-born, Aussie-bred talent Troye Sivan (pronounced ‘see-vahn’).

Troye premiered his first single ‘Happy Little Pill’ on Thursday and it pretty much exploded on iTunes the next day.

The melancholy track with an atmospheric electro pop production sonically gazes upon LordeLana Del Rey and Flume. All three artists are extremely on-trend right now.

And frankly, the direction is not at all what you would expect from a twinky, bubbly YouTube personality, right? Slay, Troye. Slay!


Here’s Troye announcing that he’s signed a record deal and has gone on a bit of a musical adventure, which he had to keep a secret from us, because y’know… element of surprise and stuff. #WhatWouldBeyoncéDo


Troye‘s debut EP TRXYE drops on 15 August and I’m quite excited to hear what he’s got to offer. It hit #1 on the US iTunes Album Chart on first day pre-orders alone.


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