Kiesza ‘Giant in My Heart’

Please say this is already your new favourite crying-at-the-discotheque tune. If not, kindly get with the program.


Kiesza shot out of nowhere as one of the hottest new acts in the country when her ‘Hideaway’ music video went viral six months ago.

Basically, I couldn’t go to a party without a friend whipping out his phone and playing everyone the glorious one-take dance video.

There is a real return to the 90s house music styles here in the UK and this multi-talented Canadian singer, songwriter and dancer rode that wave to the top of the charts. As it stands, ‘Hideaway’ is the third fastest selling single in the UK this year – so, no pressure for a follow up success, girl.

Cue ‘Giant In My Heart’, Kiesza’s second single and yes, breathe a sigh of relief, it is stupendously more amazing than its predecessor.

Just like ‘Hideaway’, ‘Giant’ is a monstrous tune led by Kiesza’s emotional vocals and a pulsating 90s-inspired garage house beat.

The sampled soulful male ad libs renders the track with a New York underground flavour. However, the real magic with ‘Giant in My Heart’ is the electrifying connection between Kiesza’s heartfelt singing and the deep lyrics.

She nails it in the first 10 seconds when she sings, “I’m trying to pretend it isn’t true. But even when I run it’s like I can’t get over you, over you!”.

Does that not just pierce you right through the aorta? I am so ready for her EP and full album it’s not funny.


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