The Saturdays “Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits”

It may not seem like it to the average consumer but The Saturdays have clocked up quite a chest full of decent pop singles in the last six years.

Finest Selection The Saturdays

It’s only in the context of a well-earned greatest hits package that you notice just how consistent Rochelle, Vanessa, Una, Frankie and Mollie have been in a brutally competitive pop world.

Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits is The Saturdays’ first best-of collection and it’s an all-encompassing package that features 18 singles (13 of which were UK Top 10 smashes) and three new tracks.

The girls have sold over five million records and sent four albums to the Top 10 but if we’re honest, The Saturdays were never known for cutting amazing albums. Their strength lies in administering fast-burning pop singles with punchy choruses, which is why Finest Selection might just be their best release to date.


The title is taken from a lyric in their breakthrough hit ‘Up‘, which is quite fitting for two reasons. First things first, it was the stomper that put The Saturdays on your radar (reference!) and second, the song is about ambition and determination to succeed, which these five girls have clearly demonstrated to last this long in the industry.

The time is right for The Sats to be doing a greatest hits set. They’re at the peak of their career, and with Girls Aloud and Sugababes out of the picture, a best-of collection reinforces their place in the market as a long-standing girl group in the midst of rising talents like Little Mix, Neon Jungle, G.R.L. and M.O.

We’re also in a cosy period in their discography where The Sats’ newer material could still rub shoulders with their 2008/2009 singles and not make the latter sound awkwardly dated. They’ve cultivated their own blend of Eurodance and power pop with R&B inflections – and have stuck with the program for the most part of the last six years.


The album blasts off with the chart-topper ‘What About Us?‘ (featuring Sean Paul) and ‘Higher‘ (featuring Flo Rida). You see, unlike their closest competitor Girls Aloud, The Sats’ style did evolve to a point where it was ready for a US crossover, albeit with the aid of rent-a-rappers. However, the girls do their most effective work when they’re lobbing bubbly records with narcotic melodies and fluorescent club beats such as ‘All Fired Up‘, ‘Not Giving Up‘ and ‘Disco Love‘.

Finest Selection also sports three brand new songs that play to The Saturdays’ strengths, including the hyperactive single ‘What Are You Waiting For?’, which is produced by Xenomania (Girls Aloud’s hitmakers, who were also behind ‘All Fired Up’).


Everybody needs to look out for ‘808’, a monster floor-filler co-written by Camille Purcell (who co-wrote ‘What About Us’) and producers Red Triangle (who have worked with Little Mix and Union J). It’s everything you would want from The Saturdays right now – bass heavy beats, a meteoric chorus and even a feisty rap by Rochelle.

A greatest hits set always spells out the possibility of the end but The Saturdays have assured fans they’re not splitting up. In fact, they’re set to start working on their fifth studio album later this year.

Remember when Girls Aloud launched their first greatest hits collection in 2006 after the height of Chemistry and came back with two massive albums? Only time will tell whether The Sats can do the same and further their brand in the midst of hungrier new talents.

Listen to Feed Limmy’s “Living For The Saturdays” playlist, featuring their finest singles and album tracks:


Standout tracks: ‘808’, ‘Disco Love’, ‘Not Giving Up, ‘All Fired Up’, ‘Up’ and on super deluxe edition bonus disc – the b-sides ‘Not That Kinda Girl’ and ‘Golden Rules’.



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