Duke Dumont ‘Won’t Look Back’

The pressure is on for British DJ and producer Duke Dumont. His last two singles have both topped the UK charts, so does ‘Won’t Look Back’ have what it takes to follow their fiery trail? My immediate response is a fervent nod.

Duke Dumont Won't Look Back

‘Won’t Look Back’ sounds exactly like the sum of Duke Dumont’s finest and most precise commercial efforts. The new single plugs itself into the current 90s house pop revival that powered his previous hits.

There are urgent house pianos contrasted by big beastly soul vocals by a feature artist that has yet to be revealed. The singer lets us have it when she sings with searing, gospel-like conviction: “Your love it makes me stronger. No matter what we’re going through, I won’t look back! Won’t look, won’t look back!”.

Dumont has an uncontested track record of pulling special singers on board, first with teen star A*M*E on the Grammy-nominated ‘Need U (100%)’ and then, Jax Jones on ‘I Got U’. I cannot wait to hear who is behind this new one. Although, my first impression leads me to think it could be Lisa Kekaula (most famous for singing on Basement Jaxx’s ‘Good Luck’).

‘Won’t Look Back’ sounds like a proper throw back. One ought to check the receipts because it sure seems like Duke Dumont has made purchases of Black Box’s 1989 smash ‘Ride on Time’ on this account.

The soulful mainstream house number may sound exactly like the kind of big tune Capital FM would cue up every hour but the musical appeal is transatlantic, if not global. Such is Duke Dumont’s wondrous ability to tap into the current sound.

‘Won’t Look Back’ would sound just at home coming out of the speakers in a Shoreditch club as it would from a boombox in Hell’s Kitchen, New York.



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