Introducing Kai Lavatai

This may be the most straightforward ad you’ve ever answered: Do you love stylishly-produced synth-pop lit with the neon brightness of the 80s? If your response is ‘yes, take my money’ then allow us to introduce Kai Lavatai.

Kai Lavatai

The American singer, songwriter and producer is still relatively unknown but the EPs and singles he has uploaded on Soundcloud tells us he really ought to be in more people’s music libraries.

Kai’s music takes you through a mix of nu disco, funk and even a bit of chill wave with narratives told by a gay man for lovers of gay men.

Vocally, he sounds like a finely processed blend of Darren Hayes‘ softer tones with Michael Jackson‘s distinct flow.

Here are three tracks of note:

‘Message Machine’

This one’s a funky digital disco delight that harbours a few heartbreaking sentiments. The fluorescent synths are a sharp contrast from Kai’s lyrics, singing, ‘Bobby, the message on the phone. Bobby, you left me all alone. Bobby, you broke my heart in two!’ I mean, who dumps someone via voicemail, honestly? What a cock.



‘Café’ is the opening track on Kai’s EP Pastel, which also boasts the sexy no-strings-attached single ‘Call Me‘. Even though we love the forwardness of the latter, there is a romantic and nostalgic charm to ‘Café’ that shows us a different side to Kai.

He touches on the universally-relatable topic of falling in love with the guy working at a café. ‘I wanna go back to the café, the one where Tom works, the one where he calls my name. I wanna go back to the café. We’ll meet the girls there and laugh about the future’.



Kai’s latest single is all kinds of Malibu sensuality. There is a breezy, chill out beauty to it that recalls some tracks from Janet Jackson‘s Damita Jo. He sings on the lascivious chorus, ‘That booty is a holiday, that booty makes me fall in love’.


You can check out more music by Kai Lavatai on his Soundcloud, where there are also details about where you can download and purchase his tunes.


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