Feed Limmy Top 20 Songs of 2014: #1 – #10

Here are more songs I enjoyed this year.

Feed Limmy songs of 2014

#10 – Javeon ‘Lovesong’

Javeon is one of my favourite discoveries of 2014. Can’t believe ‘Lovesong’ wasn’t massive everywhere. The track, produced by MNEK, will go down well with anyone who enjoys 90s house with soulful vocals.


#9 – Troye Sivan ‘Happy Little Pill’

What a brilliant debut single from this Youtube sensation-turned-promising teen popstar. Before ‘Happy Little Pill’ I had zero concept of who Troye Sivan was. All I saw was a lot of noise on social media about some 19-year old out-and-proud vlogger from Australia releasing a rather amazing electropop tune via Universal Music. The song more than lived up to the hype – dark, cinematic and beautifully written. Well done, Troye.


#8 – Rumer ‘Dangerous’

British easy-listening chanteuse, Rumer, took me by surprise with one. I didn’t expect her to come back with a more ‘danceable’ sound. ‘Dangerous’ is essentially a wistful Karen Carpenter disco tune. It’s such a lush affair with horns, strings and a mischievous bass line – out of all the singles I’ve heard this year, this one holds a beauty unmatched.


#7 – Kiesza ‘Giant in My Heart’ 

I know everyone’s still foaming at the mouth at ‘Hideaway’ but for me, ‘Giant In My Heart’ is the Kiesza tune to beat. Needless to say, anything in the field of emotional lyrics, big vocals and a pounding club beat gets a free pass into the Top 20 for me.


#6 – Jennifer Lopez ‘First Love’

I’ve spent many hours, days and weeks wondering what is it about ‘First Love’ that has me so hooked on it. I would listen to this song on repeat all day. It’s certainly not the most outstanding single in J.Lo’s discography, it wasn’t a massive hit by any stretch, and to be fair, not particularly innovative either. But Max Martin just nailed it with this one. It’s a simple pop midtempo with percolating synths, crashing drums and a succinct chorus that conveys J.Lo’s personal narrative so well. “Wish you were my first love, ’cause if you were first, baby there’d be no second, third or fourth love”.


#5 – The Saturdays ‘808’

Again, really shocked that I became so obsessed with a Saturdays track that was tacked on their Greatest Hits album – of all things. The girls really should have released this as a single. What a dynamite, palms-to-the-sky party record. Side bar: Rochelle’s verse is all kinds of slayage.


#4 – Kimbra ‘Miracle’

I’ve been tirelessly pushing ‘Miracle’ for a few months now, slipping it into my playlists at work between Prince and Michael Jackson songs, hoping my workmates would sit up and take note. I don’t think it’s fair for any pop music lover to get through 2014 without hearing (and enjoying) it. The song is so euphoric, it sounds like the Jackson 5 rollerskating on rainbows. I love that Kimbra doesn’t wait until the chorus or even the middle of the first verse to drop the beat. She just lets you have it without warning after the first line just when you think she’s still building up to it. The Kiwi singer/songwriter is the queen of detail – there are so many layers of musical influences in her music. It’s always a joy to listen.


#3 – 2NE1 ‘Come Back Home’

I’m a massive fan of K-pop girl group 2NE1 and have been for a couple of years now. ‘Come Back Home’ is probably a little subversive for my K-pop palette (FYI – I tend to go for fluorescent synths, bubblegum melodies and key changes) but there’s a moodiness and complexity about it that I love. I adore the girls’ signature mix of reggae, hip hop and electropop.


#2 – Tinashé feat. Schoolboy Q ‘2 On’

An utterly irresistible R&B banger. I can’t imagine what my year would have been like without this song soundtracking my pre-drinks at home. Sexy, mischievous and just the epitome of cool.


#1 – Sia ‘Chandelier’

I knew this was a total knock-out for single of the year the minute I heard the chorus. There has been endless circle jerk sessions devoted to how amazing Sia is so I won’t elaborate on it. ‘Chandelier’ really connected with me on two fundamental levels – one, the element of desperation and desire to numb the pain, and two, its expert combination of reggae pop rhythms with a highly-explosive rock chorus. I think we will be knocking back gin and singing our lungs out to this in karaoke for years to come.


And so concludes our tour, if you’d like a playlist of Feed Limmy’s Songs of 2014 (features the Top 20 and a few honourable mentions) – here it is:

Hope you’ve had an amazing year – see y’all in 2015! Love Limmy x

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