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  1. Limmy,

    I recently came across your blog and really enjoyed the material and layout. The “Dancing on my Own” music video was very catchy and had a great new wave electronica dance feel. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading more.

  2. Love your website. I’ve been looking for a website that reviews pop music for a while now.

  3. i’d like to know how many copies of kelly rowland’s latest album has been sold to date in uk

  4. Limmy, I love your site! It’s absolutely fabulous, funny, cheeky and intelligent. I adored your X Factor Australia recaps from last season – will you be doing it again this year for 2012? I really hope so!

    • Ruby, thank you so much for the sweet message – it means a lot to me. I am still at two-minds about blogging this year’s series, actually, but I believe I will. Only when the live shows part begins, though :)
      There is, of course, ongoing commentary on my Twitter account (@feedlimmy)
      Thanks again!

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