Brandy Talks Up Her Comeback and ‘Drop Dead Diva’ Role

I have no idea how long it’s been since I last saw a Brandy interview on telly. This comeback of hers is already gathering momentum in the right direction ever since she announced her exciting new record deal with RCA/Chameleon [Editor’s note: RCA being home to the likes of Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson].

This interview is actually rather explosive for a few reasons and we’re gonna walk through it together in a minute. But first things first, the R&B singer’s set to debut her first acting role in centuries this coming week on the new episode of Drop Dead Diva – where she plays Parker’s ex who turns to the firm for some legal help. Brandy’s character will appear on three episodes with the possibility of a return for season four, if the series gets picked up again.

Watch the interview here – featuring a preview of her Drop Dead Diva appearance:


Here she also talks about her new record deal and why this signing is “huge” for her:

“It’s huge because I’m working with people that believe in me. It’s hard to work with people who don’t believe or think you’re done. If I could touch two people [with my music] then I’ve done my job.”

It kinda hurts my soul to hear Brandy come out sounding a bit bruised. I mean, I’m sure those who have seen her VH1 reality series Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business would have a clearer idea of the situation but every now and then, I read comments and interviews and it just breaks my heart to see this woman, who I consider an R&B legend of our generation, sound so defeated.

I absolutely hope to god that this album she’s working on right now, this so-called return to her R&B roots, will connect with people in the way fellow R&B veterans like Monica and Mary J. Blige have. In terms of getting Bran more exposure, her team better come correct and start hooking her up to more appropriate appearances. They need to do whatever it takes to align her with projects that build her brand as a respectable R&B singer and actress, not pitch her as some celebrity desperate to get on any reality show to stage a comeback.

Speaking of reality, the Never Say Never singer has vowed to never do another episode.

“No more reality for me! I just don’t think I’m interesting enough for reality. I’m not throwing champagne glasses at my mama, I’m not fighting with my friends… my reality is a little boring for what reality is today.”


Brandy‘s acting spree doesn’t just start and end with Drop Dead Diva. The I Still Know What You Did Last Summer screen siren also has a guest role coming up on CW’s 90210, where she plays a “kick ass” politician.