The Saturdays ‘What Are You Waiting For?’ (and two other awesome new tracks)

We can always count on The Saturdays to get us out of our seats but ‘What Are You Waiting For?’ isn’t your regular call to the dance floor – it’s a bossy push.

What Are You Waiting For? The Saturdays

The Xenomania-produced track is an urgent, bubbly club pop track with thrashing synths and hyperactive hooks. It positions The Saturdays back on the party line where they’ve clicked heels to well-worn hits like ‘What About Us’ and ‘All Fired Up’.

Sonically, ‘What Are You Waiting For?’ sounds like a craftily edited compilation of several massive pop tunes you’ve heard in the last 12 months, which might explain the sense of déjà vu in your first listen.

The Saturdays’ droning vocals in the verse followed by a shouty chorus recalls something Neon Jungle or Icona Pop have done.

The girls sing, “Cause the party ain’t over ‘til we party through! Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon!”.

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