Chart Feed – 28.11.11

X Factor Australia winner Reece Mastin snatched wigs all the way to the top of the ARIAs this week with his debut single ‘Good Night’. It was reported that ‘Good Night’ managed to sell one copy every 2.7 seconds on Wednesday alone – easily clocking 32,000 sales in the first 24 hours.

Reece‘s debut album – featuring studio recordings of 10 songs he covered on the show – will drop on 9 December. Knowingly missing from the mix is the much-detested cover of ‘All By Myself’. Reece Mastin – the album – is currently charting at #60 on our Aussie iTunes based on pre-orders alone.

Guy Sebastian‘s ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ is the second biggest new single on the ARIA charts – winding up at #7. The X Factor judge was positioned at #2 on our iTunes charts for a few days, behind his apprentice Reece.

Watch Guy‘s brilliant new video ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’:

Israel Cruz‘s ‘Party Up’ rises to #33, somehow resurrecting after looking like it was destined to be another home grown crunk’n’b flop. The Aussie producer – who has crafted numbers for the likes of Jessica Mauboy, Elen Levon and Scarlett Belle – last appeared in the Top 50 seven years ago with ‘Old Skool Luv’.

Ricki-Lee‘s ‘Raining Diamonds’ plummets from #19 to #36, clocking only one week in the ARIA Top 20. Be very fucking worried. The slamming dance/pop epic managed to rise to #23 on the Australian airplay chart in the last week – evidently not enough to sustain interest.

The forthcoming ‘Raining Diamonds’ video sees our girl channeling some kind of Sasha Fierce/Barbarella realness – watch the behind the scenes before the full production premieres hopefully sometime during the week:

Rihanna‘s Talk That Talk debuts at #5 in Australia, sending three new tracks to our ARIA Top 100 in its wake – ‘You Da One’ (#41), the frenetic future club smash ‘Where Have You Been’ (#46) and ‘Talk That Talk’ (#61). The project’s lead single ‘We Found Love’ sits at #4 and is still the most played song on Aussie radios.

Over in the UK, Talk That Talk debuts at #1 – racking up over 160,000 opening week sales to become one of the fastest selling albums there this year. Just so you know, TTT crossed north of 100,000 copies in the first three days alone. RiRi also has four tracks in the UK Top 75 this week – ‘We Found Love’ (still at #1), ‘Talk That Talk (#25), ‘You Da One’ (#39), ‘Where Have You Been’ (#61).

Over in America, Talk That Talk is slated to debut at #3 or #4 this week with predicted sales between 200,000 – 210,000 copies. ‘We Found Love’ is still the most downloaded song in the country while its follow up ‘You Da One’ debuts at #9 on the US Billboard Digital Songs chart, selling 124,000 copies.

Listen to Rihanna‘s slamming ‘Where Have You Been’:

Katy Perry‘s ‘The One That Got Away’ slowly edges up to #32 on our ARIA charts. The driving pop ballad drops from #20 to #29 on our Australian airplay charts in the last week. Meanwhile over the States, ‘The One That Got Away’ cracks the Top 10, making Teenage Dream now the first album in 17 years to spawn six Top 10 smashes.

The last record holder was Janet Jackson‘s Janet circa 1994. Note: only seven albums in music history have snatched six or more US Top 10 hits. Janet‘s Rhythm Nation was the first album by a female artist to do so.

Lady Gaga‘s ‘Marry The Night’ drops out of our ARIA Top 100 altogether this week. Gag! No radio support, no video out, and various competing Gaga releases all continue to undermind this single’s potential.

Over in the UK, ‘Marry The Night’ stalls at #18 while her brand new Born This Way remix album debuts at #77. Looking at the UK iTunes store now, A Very Gaga Holiday EP sits comfortably at #18 on its first day out. There’s no way this ho’s gonna go through the festive season without making a dollar or two.

Over in the US, ‘Marry The Night’ re-enters the US Billboard Hot 100 at #97 – thanks in some small way to radio pick up and general awareness. ‘Marry The Night’ is the most played new song on US airwaves, debuting at #65 on the airplay charts.

Watch Glam Ma Monster perform ‘Marry The Night’ for A Very Gaga Thanksgiving:

Kelly Clarkson‘s ‘What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)’ is making a killing already on the Australian airplay charts – leaping from #49 to #21. The future smash is currently placed at #42 on our Aussie iTunes charts. Over in the States, ‘WDKY’ re-enters the US Billboard Hot 100 at #99 and on the digital charts at #64. She needs to stop flogging ‘Mr Know It All’ and just go to town on this one already.

Other notable new singles buzzing about our Aussie iTunes include: featuring Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger‘s ‘T.H.E.’ (#62) and Cher Lloyd‘s summer-correct ‘With Ur Love’ (#63).

Kylie Minogue‘s Ultimate Kylie compilation shoots up to a breathtaking #95 on the Aussie iTunes chart while Aphrodite – Les Folies Live in London sits at #169 after her defining induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame. No other Kylie albums have returned to the Top 200 in light of all this publicity. Let’s hope her stunning Aphrodite – Les Folies Live in London DVD racks up some serious sales because that tour was just fucking everything. The Aphrodite Live in London album is currently charting at #85 on UK iTunes.

Watch Kylie perform ‘Love At First Sight/Can’t Fight The Feeling’:

Stan Walker‘s Let The Music Play debuts at #18, making it the biggest new Aussie album on the charts this week. Not that there’s much competition – sorry David Campbell. Stan‘s album has done well to stand up in the Top 20 given that ‘Light It Up’ flopped and all he’s got to represent is that ballad borrowed from Jessica Mauboy‘s album.

Dolly Parton‘s new album Better Day debuts at #29 in Australia this week, supported by her recent tour around the country, which included some dates up in some proper country area. I honestly can’t go back far enough to tell you when was the last time the defining music legend had a Top 50 ARIA hit but let’s just say, it’s the first time this century.

Olly Murs‘ new single ‘Dance With Me Tonight’ debuts at #2 in the UK this week, suffering the ultimate cock block by Rihanna‘s ‘We Found Love’. In the first three days on sale, the spunky X Factor star managed to surpass RiRi‘s ‘We Found Love’ by 2,000 copies – but by the end of Thursday, ‘We Found Love’ had pulled up worryingly close at just 49 units away from overtaking Olly. Come weekend, look what happened.

Olly‘s sophomore album In Case You Didn’t Know is currently charting at #2 on the UK iTunes store on its first day out. Check out the dapper man performing ‘Dance With Me Tonight’ on UK X Factor with The Muppets:

Kelendria Trene Rowland, welcome back to the muhfuggin’ UK charts. ‘Down For Whatever’ enters at #6 this week, becoming the former-DC glamazon’s sixth solo Top 10 hit in the region. She’ll be engaging in some serious promo this week to flog the international edition of Here I Am which features her two huge dance collabos: ‘When Love Takes Over’ (with David Guetta) and ‘What A Feeling’ (with Alex Gaudino). Here I Am (International Edition) is currently charting at #26 on UK iTunes on its first day out.

Meanwhile across the Atlantic, Kelendria‘s ‘Lay It On Me’ can probably be written off as a certified flop. The summer radio ready smash sinks to #77 on the US R&B/Hip Hop charts, unable to even scale the Top 30 following ‘Motivation’‘s surprise #1 reign just a few months ago.

Rebecca Ferguson‘s gorgeous debut single ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ enters at #10 on the UK charts this week. No, it isn’t crash hot by any major label pop star’s standards but I have a really soft spot for the girl. My mind, body and spirit is completely ready for her album Heaven, which arrives next Monday in the UK.

Watch Rebecca‘s charming interview on This Morning and performance of ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’:

One Direction‘s Up All Night debuts at #2 in the UK this week, managing 138,000 opening week sales. The lads’ single ‘Gotta Be You’ does a death drop from its #3 debut last week to #16.

Here in Australia, the physical copy of Up All Night is going at retail outlets for $13 – certainly an enticing offer given that they’re only really known for one very new hit single at the moment. The album is currently placed at #9 on Aussie iTunes. Over on our ARIA Top 100, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ rises to #8 this week while its b-side ‘Na Na Na’ has astonishingly made it at #84.

The SaturdaysOn Your Radar shockingly debuts at #23 on the UK charts this week, making it the girls’ first album to completely miss the Top 10. Fuck, I know the album wasn’t that great but surely it deserved more than this epic floppage? Regardless of the results, On Your Radar has surprisingly been quietly released on Aussie iTunes – making this the first Saturdays album to reach our shores since Chasing Lights. I need to lie down.

Pixie Lott continues the flow of British pop flops with Young Foolish Happy plummeting from #18 to #42 in its second week. Her underappreciated new single ‘What Do You Take Me For’ sinks from #20 to #42. Pixie‘s label has swung into damage control, bringing forward the third single – ‘Kiss The Stars’ – for a 26 December release. Here in Australia, I guess Pixie‘s Young Foolish Happy is doing alright to even be seen at #165 on our Aussie iTunes chart.

Watch Pixie flog ‘What Do You Take Me For’ on Loose Women:

The X Factor Finalists 2011‘s charity single ‘Wishing On A Star’ is surprisingly reigning at #1 on the UK iTunes chart right now on its first day out. Surprising reception given how shit it is but also altogether unsurprising given the involvement of JLS and One Direction.

Drake scores the third largest opening week album sales of 2011 with Take Care pushing 631,000 copies to debut at #1 on the US Billboard 200. It’s a sizable improvement on Drake‘s 2010 smash Thank Me Later, which managed 447,000 first week sales to also debut at #1.

Adele‘s 21 clocks its 39th consecutive week in the US Billboard 200 Top 5 bracket, making history as the longest time an album has remained in the Top 5 since its debut. The last record holder was Michael Jackson‘s legendary 1987 album Bad, which clocked 38 weeks.

Watch Adele perform ‘Turning Tables’ live at Royal Albert Hall:

Glee‘s The Christmas Album, Vol. 2 debuts at #6 in the US Billboard 200 at #6, pulling 71,000 opening week sales. Talk about a significant drop compared to the cast’s first Christmas album, which debuted at #8 with 161,000 first week sales last year.

Elsewhere, the Glee cast’s A-grade mash up of Adele‘s ‘Rumour Has It/ Someone Like You’ debuts at #5 on the US Billboard Digital Songs chart, racking up 160,000 downloads. This is now Glee‘s fifth largest weekly sales figure for any of their singles. ‘Rumour Has It/ Someone Like You’ is only bettered by ‘Teenage Dream’ (214,000), ‘Loser Like Me’ (one of two originals written for the cast – 210,000), ‘Forget You’ (192,000) and ‘Don’t Stop Believin” (177,000).

Mariah Carey continues to bathe in gold this lucrative Christmas season. Her classic ‘All I Want For Christmas’ is currently covered in three albums in the US Billboard Top 10 – Michael Buble‘s seasonal record (#2), Bieber‘s Under The Mistletoe (#5) and Glee‘s newest Christmas album (#6).

Selena Gomez & The Scene‘s ‘Love You Like A Love Song’ still has some unbelievable mileage left in it. The single rises to #46 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and the A-level remixes soar to #2 on the dance/club play chart.

Watch the stunning video for Selena‘s next single ‘Hit The Lights’:

Other notable new entries on the dance/club play chart include Taio Cruz and Flo Rida‘s ‘Hangover’ (the biggest debut at #33), Florence + The Machine‘s ‘Shake It Out’ (entering at #45) and Flo Rida‘s ‘Good Feeling’ (opening at #46).


Glee “The Music, Volume 6” Album Tracklisting and Details

I love how they’re pitching this as the Glee compilation with something for everybody.

The variety in this season two line up include covers of Adele‘s ‘Rolling In The Deep’ (by Jonathan Groff) and ‘Turning Tables’ (by Gwyneth Paltrow), and three stunning new originals: ‘As Long As You’re There’ (featuring Charice), ‘Pretending’ and ‘Light Up The World’ (a Max Martin co-write).

In the short time this show’s been on air, the Glee gang has dominated the music charts with every release. They’ve released 10 albums so far, all of which have debuted in the Top 10 of the US Billboard Top 200. On a global scale to date, Glee songs have amassed over 29 million digital sales and 10 million album sales.

Check on the tracklisting of their forthcoming Volume 6 compilation:

1 – Turning Tables
2 – I Feel Pretty/ Unpretty
3 – As If We Never Said Goodbye
4 – Born This Way
5 – Dreams
6 – Songbird
7 – Go Your Own Way
8 – Don’t Stop
9 – Rolling In The Deep
10 – Isn’t She Lovely
11 – Dancing Queen
12 – Try A Little Tenderness
13 – My Man
14 – Pure Imagination
15 – Bella Notte
16 – As Long As You’re There
17 – Pretending
18 – Light Up My World


Glee: The Music, Volume 6 is out in Australia 27 May.

Chart Feed – 28.03.11

The Strokes‘ comeback album Angles debuts straight in at #1 here despite attracting mixed reviews from fans and critics. I felt super awkward for the band reading their Pitchfork interview where it was revealed that lead singer Julian Casablancas had strategically distanced himself from the gang and creative involvement altogether for Angles. Sonically, it’s reportedly their most schizophonic and jarring body of work yet – and they know it. It’ll be interesting to see how hard they’ll flog this project given the mixed reception. Angles is also the highest charting new album in the UK this week, debuting at #3.

Chris Brown‘s F.A.M.E. enters at #3 in Australia and #10 in the UK this week. Over in the States, the newly blond R&B star is set to claim his first ever #1 album on the Billboard 200 with F.A.M.E. predicted to sell over 250,000 first week copies. To be fair, the album builds a strong case. It’s already flaunting four hit singles – ‘Deuces’, ‘Yeah 3x’, ‘No BS’ and ‘Look At Me Now’. The other big entry expected to impact US charts later this week is Jennifer Hudson‘s sophomore I Remember Me. Look out!

Other notable new entries in Australia this week go to Panic! At The Disco‘s Vices & Virtues (#6), Sparkadia‘s The Great Impression (#8) and Ke$ha’s remix album (#46).

New Glee hits our singles chart this week with the show’s first ever originals ‘Loser Like Me’ and ‘Get It Right’ debuting at #15 and #34 respectively. Over in the US, ‘Loser Like Me’ debuts at #6 and comes in as the second most downloaded song in the nation, clocking over 210,000 sales. ‘Get It Right’ enters at #16 on the main charts, managing 150,000 first week downloads. All up in the States, the Glee cast has seven new Hot 100 entries this week, amassing over 712,000 digital sales.

Jessica Mauboy‘s ‘What Happened To Us?’ shoots to #14 in Australia this week, no doubt thanks to its strong physical sales. For the second week in a row, it is the best selling CD single in the country. And speaking of the physical charts, Kylie Minogue‘s ‘Better Than Today’ sits at #5 this week. I’ll always cherish the memory of seeing the single propped up on display at a music store in Oxford Street circa Mardi Gras. Get it gays.

Lady Gaga‘s ‘Born This Way’ holds up its sixth consecutive week on top of the US charts, thanks in no small part to its physical single sales. The four-track CD single – featuring the original version and three remixes – managed to pull over 24,000 first week copies in a day and age where physical sales don’t usually account for much.

Rebecca Black‘s ‘Friday’ debuts at #40 on our Aussie digital charts this week and enters the US Billboard Hot 100 at #72, garnering over 37,000 first week downloads there. It’s interesting because while there’s obviously been a lot of discussion about the insipid track and her sudden ubiquity but, according to Billboard, the song only managed to score 12 plays on American radios between 16 – 22 March. Over in the UK, ‘Friday’ moves from #127 to #61 this week.

Miranda Cosgrove‘s High Maintenance EP debuts at #34 on the US charts this week. The iCarly past is a natural deterrent for me but having seen the producer creds behind this project, I’m actually kinda curious now.

The lead single ‘Dancing Crazy’ is co-written by Avril Lavigne and produced by Max Martin, the title track is a Julian Casablancas co-write, there’s a Shontelle cover up in there, and the EP closer ‘Sayonara’ is hemmed by super producers Dr Luke and Greg Kurstin (and co-written by Britney‘s Femme Fetale writers Bonnie McKee and Nicole Morrier). Hmm, indeed!

Nicole Scherzinger‘s ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ slips from the UK #1 spot and Adele ‘Someone Like You’ is back on top. Still, it’s nothing to sneeze at. ‘DHYB’ apparently pulled over 98,000 first week sales and over 60,000 in this second week! 

Over on the album charts, Nicole’s solo debut Killer Love enters at #8 – only reportedly selling over 19,000 copies. What does everyone think of the record? To be honest, I’m embarrassed for the ho. Seriously. After all this time and talk, this soggy diaper of an album is all you can show for? Should’ve chopped it down to a five-track EP featuring the singles, ‘Killer Love’, ‘Club Banger Nation’ and ‘Power’s Out’. ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ is the fourth most added new song to Aussie radios this week.

Ronan Keating‘s Burt Bacharach duet album debuts at #5 in the UK, making this RoRo‘s first solo chart appearance there since 2009’s Winter Songs covers compilation. At this stage it is unknown whether the Irish hunk will be returning as a judge on X Factor Australia this year. Auditions have already started in Perth last week.

“Glee: The Music Presents The Warblers” Album Details

Gleeks, make room for The Warblers‘ debut full length album.

The all-male acapella gang has already impressed us world over with their now viral rendition of ‘Teenage Dream’ and scaled the charts with their covers of ‘Bills Bills Bills’ and ‘Raise Your Glass’, so now fittingly comes their very own 13-track LP.

Check on the tracklisting for The Warblers’ album as per Billboard:

1 – Teenage Dream
2 – Hey Soul Sister
3 – Bills Bills Bills
4 – Silly Love Songs
5 – When I Get You Alone
6 – Animal
7 – Misery
8 – Blackbird
9 – Candles
10 – Raise Your Glass
11 – Somewhere Only We Know
12 – What Kind of Fool
13 – Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?

All songs here are featured on the show except the last two covers – Barbra Streisand‘s ‘What Kind of Fool’ and Rod Stewart‘s iconic ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?’ – which will be an album exclusive.


Glee: The Music presents The Warblers is out in the US on 19 April and 22 April in Australia.

“Glee: The Music Volume 5” Album Details and Tracklisting

After two seasons of purveying pitch perfect vanilla renditions of your favourite choons, the Glee club is ready to unleash some original tracks for the very first time.

The forthcoming Glee: The Music Volume 5 compilation will feature two originals – ‘Loser Like Me’, which is described as an energetic ensemble track produced by Max Martin (the man behind Britney and Kelly Clarkson‘s career defining hits), and ‘Get It Right’, a Lea Michele solo epic ballad.

The all conquering Glee cast have notched up over 24 million digital sales to date and sold over 9 million albums worldwide. This week we heard that they’ve even beaten Elvis‘s record of most songs ever to chart on the Billboard. Consider this, Elvis had 108 Billboard chart entries – the Glee cast, 113 so far.

The last Glee compilation (Volume 4) is almost scaling double platinum sales here in Australia. Will this latest collection reach the same heights? Prolly.

Check out the full tracklisting for Volume 5 here:

1 – Thriller/ Heads Will Roll
2 – Need You Now
3 – She’s Not There
4 – Fat Bottomed Girls
5 – P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
6 – Firework
7 – Baby
8 – Somebody to Love
9 – Take Me or Leave Me
10 – Sing
11 – Don’t You Want Me
12 – Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)
13 – Kiss
14 – Landslide
15 – Get It Right
16 – Loser Like Me


Glee: The Music Volume 5 is out in Australia on 11 March.

Chart Feed – 15.11.10

Jessica Mauboy‘s Sasha Fierce-tripping Get Em Girls album sold over 4100 first-week copies to debut at #6 here this week. I don’t know about ya’ll but I’d be happy with that. Given that Australia discreetly fobbed off the first single and is only catching wind of ‘Saturday Night’ now – you can’t expect the record to be a shoo-in chart topper. The new single ‘Saturday Night’ debuts at #20 on the digital charts this week.

Sia finally has a Aussie Top 20 hit to her name! Pop the champagne and crap your pants for ‘Clap Your Hands’ breaking ground at #17 this week. The previous single ‘You’ve Changed’ only managed to lurk at #31 here back in January. Elsewhere her cover of The Pretenders‘ ‘I Go To Sleep’ (previously released on her Some People Have Real Problems LP) has started charting at #32 this week.

Black Eyed Peas has the highest charting new single in Australia this week with ‘The Time (Dirty Bit)’ debuting at #10. Fergie – see also: Billboard‘s 2010 Woman of The Year [Editor’s note: a little belated for The Dutchess, isn’t it?] – has announced that she’s fully committed to the BEP project now with no plans for another solo record in the near future. The Peas will drop The Beginning next Friday.

Jason DeRulo‘s ‘The Sky’s The Limit’ took off charting at #24 here this week. I know he got his headset on and twirled his way around our X Factor stage but nobody cares. We’ve had the album for eight months, marinated with the track for just as long – the novelty’s gone. This explains why more pop artists are inclined to drop new recordings for singles number three/four these days instead of simply electing album tracks everyone’s already bored with.

Glee Cast‘s fangurl baiting [Editor’s note: so the gays tell us] cover of ‘Teenage Dream’ debuts at #35 in Australia this week.

Susan Boyle almost had this one in the bag. According to Auspop, Simon Cowell‘s seasonal cash bovine was leading the album sales until Bon Jovi‘s Greatest Hits overtook her half-way through the week. The race ended with Bon Jovi topping the charts here with over 14,400 copies sold and SuBo‘s The Gift riding closely behind with over 14,160 sales.

Haters gonna hate but SuBo‘s still the real winner here with her I Dreamed A Dream album re-entering at #20 this week. Elsewhere, The Gift debuts at #1 UK and we’ll have to wait ’til Wednesday to see how she fares in the States.

Sarah McLeod‘s ‘Dancing In The Dark’ is one of the biggest movers and shakers on the club charts this week. The Bruce Springsteen cover and accompanying remixes leapt from #35 to #11 here and if Sairs is setting up some kind of litmus test, all signs point to “YES. DROP THE MADNESS NOW.”

“That Rihanna reign just won’t let up!” ‘Only Girl In The World’ is still clinging tight to #1 in the UK this week, painfully cock blocking the new Take That single. ‘The Flood’ managed to draw tidal sales of 69,484 first-week copies to debut at #2 but it’s still a pretty huge gap from RiRi, who’s churning over 93,426 copies in its third week out.

Shayne Ward‘s comeback single ‘Gotta Be Somebody’ only managed a #12 debut in the UK this week. The tireless mignons at Syco Records have only just finished cleaning up after Joe McElderry‘s chart splatter and here comes another. Poor lads.

Nadine Coyle doesn’t give a fuck about chart positions so don’t bother tweeting her your condolences. She’s all about the big picture, haven’t you heard? The poor Girls Aloud warbler is probably consoling herself with a pint down at The Irish Mist now after learning that her Insatiable album debuted at a  shocking #47 this week. Meanwhile, the title single slides from #26 to #50 in the UK.

Kylie Minogue‘s ‘Better Than Today’ started charting at #67 in the UK this week. This is purely off the back of last week’s X Factor performance and you know what, the official single release date hasn’t even been confirmed yet. This is just a quick wave to let us know she’s still kicking after her last single – ‘Get Out of My Way’ – failed to stick around. Expect promo to kick into turbo drive in February when her Les Folies tour begins.

Mariah Carey sold over 56,000 copies of her new seasonal release – Merry Christmas II You – to debut at #4 in the US this week. Billboard reports that the first-week sales here topped that of Ma Mimi‘s iconic Merry Christmas album 16 years ago, which only sold 45,000 copies in America back then. Mariah recently told USA Today that she’s filmed a video for ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ so brace yourselves for another gawdy Mimi promo.

N.E.R.D sees their brand new album Nothing come in at #21 in the US this week. It’s a crazy time of the year for any new studio album – you’re essentially pitting new, unfamiliar material with the bankable greatest hits collections and Christmas choons. Good luck to those purveying new material without a massive hype drive.

Ke$ha‘s ‘Sleazy’ has started charting at #51 in the US. The glitter monger has been steadily releasing new tracks every week in the lead up to the Cannibal EP drop. The title track and ‘Blow’ are the latest to surface online.

Chart Feed – 18.10.10

Pink’s ‘Raise Your Glass’ has sold over 23,700 copies to debut at #1 in Australia this week. Guess that makes it her fourth solo chart topper here and it’s no surprise that throughout her ten year career, this is the market that has given her the most #1s. We just can’t get enough. Pink’s Greatest Hits… So Far!!! – featuring two more new songs and a DVD of all her music videos – will hit stores here on 12 November. ‘Raise Your Glass’ debuts at #51 in the US this week.

Zoe Badwi is the most played Australian artist on air this week. According to The Music Network, the dance pop princess’s ‘Freefallin’ single has overtaken Birds of Tokyo’s ‘Plans’ as radio’s most played track by an Aussie artist. Expect Zoe‘s single to jump up the charts next week following her performance on the recent Hey Hey It’s Saturday.

Jessica Mauboy’s ghetto fabulous ‘Get ‘Em Girls’ has finally surfaced on the main singles chart, debuting at #19 this week. It’ll be interesting to see how far this track goes given that all her singles to date (bar the sixth one, ‘Let Me Be Me’) have been at certified platinum and gold sales in Australia. The Get ‘Em Girls album is out here on 5 November.

Taylor Swift’s online promo single ‘Speak Now’ debuts at #20 here and became the highest charting new single in the US, entering at #8 this week. It’s all part of a clever plan to drum up interest in Swift’s forthcoming studio album of the same name. Expect two more promo tracks to be released before the album drops in three weeks.

Enrique Iglesias and Nicole Scherzinger’s sensual ‘Heartbeat’ cracks our Top 50 this week, entering at #41. The sexy man heartthrob is headed for our shores and X Factor stage in a couple of weeks. I’m getting moist just thinking about him being in the same time zone.

Boyzone’s Brother album debuts at #34 in Australia this week, following their reunion performance on X Factor last Monday. The Mika-penned lead single ‘Gave It All Away’ debuts at #42. Dear friends in Ireland and the UK, don’t pity us for getting into this six months after ya’ll got the album.

Brooke Fraser’s Flags is the most downloaded album in the country, debuting at #1 on the digital charts ahead of competing new releases from Angus & Julia Stone (iTunes Live: Live From Sydney – #2), Robbie Williams (In and Out of Consciousness: Greatest Hits 1990-2010 – #3) and Bring Me The Horizon (There Is A Hell, Believe Me… [Editor’s note: I’m sick of these long ass titles] – #4).

This is what I love about Australia. Robbie Williams can have a record out but the #1 album across the nation can still go to a British metalcore band. Bring Me The Horizon’s There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret album sold a meagre 3600 copies to top our charts this week, just as Brooke Fraser’s Flags weigh in at #3 (selling over 3350 copies) and Robbie’s greatest hits makes #6 (managing only 2816 copies). [Stats via Auspop]

Donovan Frankenreiter’s new LP Glow debuts at #42 on the digital charts this week. I haven’t been privy to his new material as yet. Still shamefully stuck on his old disco-laden ‘Move By Yourself’ single. Someone give me a verdict on the new material?

Kiwi electro pop band The Naked and Famous sees their new album Passive Me Aggressive You debut at #48 on our digital charts. Yes, I think I’m totally keeping up with the indie pop scene now that we’ve played their new single ‘Punching In A Dream’ on our show. Obviously, it was my co-host Jade Gulliver‘s picking. But, of course, you didn’t need to be told. You all know me too well.

Robbie Williams scores his ninth UK #1 album this week with In and Out of Consciousness: Greatest Hits 1990-2010. The compilation shifted over 120,000 copies in its first week, outselling the combined sales of the other top five albums. Now let’s take a moment to revisit our charts and see stroke our chins with a perplexed expression. Fun fact from the press release: Robbie Williams has sold a combined 57 million albums and 11 million singles throughout his solo career. Fun fact not mentioned in the press release: Robbie’s last studio album Reality Killed The Video Star was his first album to not make UK #1.

Joe McElderry’s [Editor’s note: thanks Limmy for not referring to him as your future husband. It’s quite awkward.] proper first single ‘Ambitions’ has failed to make the UK Top 5. The X Factor winner’s new track came in at #6 this week, facing tough competition from another new entry ‘Barbra Streisand’ by Duck Sauce, which became the highest-selling new entry at #3. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to be on the next plane out to console my Joe.

The Ting Tings’ fluoro-electro new single ‘Hands’ debuts at #29 in the UK this week. I would seriously have a fit if this song doesn’t go Top 20 her and in the UK. Talk about unacceptable outcomes – like Kelly Rowland‘s ‘Commander’ flopping in Australia. Unacceptable.

Kanye West’s ‘Runaway’ single has started charting in the US at #12 this week. The record breaking 40-minute long video is set to premiere at the same time on the American MTV, MTV2 and BET stations this Saturday. Whatever, KanKan. See, I can’t even watch this shit on my lunch break at work. That’s just the most horrid punishment an indulgent artist can inflict on shift worker fans.

Willow Smith’s ‘Whip My Hair’ has broken through the Billboard R&B Top 20 singles chart this week, rising to #17 after five weeks of hyping. The funky Ray Kay-directed video is set to premiere today in the US, so I guess friends in the southern hemisphere you know to check back in a couple of hours.

Glee Cast’s rousing rendition of the 90s classic ‘One of Us’ debuts at #37 and further down the US Hot 100, their cover of Whitney’s ‘I Look To You’ debuts at #74. I like to think I’ve got my shit together most days but the morning I heard Glee‘s ‘I Look To You’, I literally dissolved into tears on the train to work. Super awkward for the burly men in suits sitting around me.

Shakira’s ‘Loca’ has finally cracked the US Top 100, rising to #98 this week. There is a god. Jason Mraz’s new digital EP ‘Life Is Good’ debuts at #39 in the US this week. The five-track EP features live recordings of his new tracks: ‘Freedom Song’, ‘San Disco Reggaefornia’, ‘Up’ and ‘What Mama Say’. My Aussie folks, did you know it’s already out here?

Feed Limmy’s Top 20 Most Played This Week:

#1 Robyn – Indestructible (Acoustic)
#2 Kelly Rowland – Forever Is Just A Minute Away*
#3 Kelly Rowland – Each Other
#4 Robyn – Indestructible (Radio Edit)*
#5 Glee Cast – I Look To You*
#6 The Ting Tings – Hands*
#7 The Naked and Famous – Punching In A Dream*
#8 Paris Wells – Through and Through*
#9 Jessica Mauboy – What Happened To Us (feat. Jay Sean)*
#10 Spice Girls – Right Back At Ya
#11 Glee Cast – Crush*
#12 Junior Caldera feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Can’t Fight This Feeling (Junior Moonlight Remix)
#13 Freemasons feat. Wynter Gordon – Believer
#14 Mya – Shake It (Like A Dog)
#15 Joe McElderry – Ambitions
#16 CatCall – Swimming Pool*
#17 Ace of Base – All For You
#18 Glee Cast – One of Us*
#19 Glee Cast – River Deep Mountain High*
#20 Joe McElderry – If You Love Me*
* = Added to playlist this week.