Interview Feature: Jade Macrae reinvents herself as Dune

Well, technically, I was supposed to be speaking with Dune. That’s the name on the interview opp email and press release. But I don’t know Dune very well and I would feel much more comfortable talking about Dune with her creator than to Dune per se.


You see, Dune is the artist name Jade Macrae goes by these days and in order to understand why that is, it would be best to speak with Jade herself.

The ARIA-nominated Australian R&B singer we’ve all come to know from hits like ‘So Hot Right Now’, ‘You Make Me Weak’ and the trashy ‘In The Basement’ is nothing like the artist she was when she broke out eight years ago.

“The music I’m making now is definitely more alternative than what I’ve done before, so I thought it needed its own name, its own identity and personality,” Jade said about her current incarnation as Dune.

“I didn’t want people to confuse the issue with what they’ve heard from me in the past.”

Check out the video for Dune’s debut single ‘Shoestring’:

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‘Relationship Drama’ Playlist

Fuck it. Why not call this the Maury or Dr Phil playlist?

Everyone knows what I’m talking about when I say, “love is no bed of roses”. It sounds odd but when times get tough in a relationship, I look for Oprah-like wisdom to console me in song.

I need to hear lyrics that validate my feelings and situation.

I need songs that point me to the high road and encourage me to work things out.

Here are some songs that have brought wisdom and comfort to my relationship dramas:

Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love
“Anything that’s worth having, sure enough worth fighting for. Quitting’s out of the question, when it gets tough gotta fight some more…”

Jewel – Again & Again
“If you’ll try, I’ll try… there is no giving in, there is no giving up in love.”

Jennifer Hudson – We Gon’ Fight
“I won’t let everything we’ve done in the name of love be nothing…”

Melanie C – Don’t Let Me Go
“Don’t make up the wrong mind. Don’t forget the good times. Let me stay a little longer cause if I’m gone, I can’t make it right…”

Jordin Sparks – Battlefield
“If we can’t surrender, we both gonna lose what we have…”

Natasha Bedingfield – Piece of Your Heart
“Give me a piece of your heart. Not a piece of your mind…”

Beyonce – Satellites
“Satellites. If we don’t communicate, we’ll exist in our own space…”

Jade Macrae – I Wanna Be In Love
“I’m so tired of falling in and out of everything we used to think was our love…”

Shakira – Dreams For Plans
“Can you tell me how it used to be when we really cared? And when love was on our side.”

Gabriella Cilmi – Glue
“We stuck together through things that hurt me in so many ways…”

Mary J. Blige – Roses
“You just want to really push all my buttons. Cause you Mr Right and I’m Mrs Wrong? Well I’m gonna be Mrs Right today. It’s my way or the highway.”

Michelle Williams – The Way of Love
“I learned the way of love… if you see it in your lifetime, learn to stay in love.”

Also on the ‘Relationship Drama’ playlist:

Cheryl Cole – Make Me Cry
Cheryl Cole – Rain On Me
Mary J. Blige – Come To Me (Peace)
Mary J. Blige – If You Love Me
Mary J. Blige – Fade Away
Mary J. Blige – Talk To me
Delta Goodrem – Woman
Guy Sebastian – Art of Love
Annie – No Easy Love
Sugababes – Bruised
Gwen Stefani – Danger Zone
Melanie C – Forever Again
Jill Scott – Talk To Me
Whitney Houston – Worth It
Jennifer Lopez – Wrong When You’re Gone
Jennifer Lopez – Stay Together