Feed Limmy: Top 30 Songs of 2015

This has been a tradition since the land before time and Snapchat. While I’ve taken a long break from pop music blogging (the commentary still very much lives on in Twitter), I’m usually tempted to come back to this increasingly unfamiliar Wordpress interface every year and rank, hyperlink and embed my personal favourite tracks of the last 12 months. This year for the first time, I will be blogging with emojis. #downwiththekids

I imagine it’d be nice to scroll back through the passage of time one day to see that once upon a time, Carly Rae Jepsen overtook Robyn as the gays’ new queen of Bubbling Under pop. Once upon a time, Halsey was the flavour of the moment. Popstar of the Future Troye Sivan made an album (how traditional!). They sent troops to Syria but couldn’t extract a record from MKS. Nobody has time for the games Rihanna‘s playing anymore. And two unfuckwithable singer-songwriters in their 20s called Adele and Taylor Swift scrapped everyone’s life force with their massive-selling, Spotify-shunning, numerically titled albums. And where you were when you heard Zayn had left 1D?

Never mind. Here are 30 songs that I really, really liked this year.

Spoiler alert: At some point you might say, this list is really crap. Why isn’t Lana on here? 

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Janet Jackson Piers Morgan Interview

The iconic First Lady of the Jackson clan – second to LaToya, of course – has a new book and tour to pimp. So off you go, Piers. Let’s hook her up and get all up close and personal.

Janet Jackson has enjoyed an immense career spanning close to four decades, sold over 100 million records and now she’s releasing her first book True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself – a self-help book with a heavy dose of Janet‘s own personal experiences, co-authored with biographer David Ritz. The book sheds light on Janet‘s battle with her weight, self-esteem and body image.

Here in an interview with Piers Morgan, the intensely private Ms Jackson opens up for the first time about depression, calling out LaToya as a “grand diva”, and why she used to repeatedly bang her head against the wall.

Put the kettle on, ready a cup of peppermint tea and watch the works here:


Janet‘s book True You is out in the States this week. No word on when a local publisher will run a batch for our shelves.

Ms Jackson‘s Number Ones tour – which she’s said to be her largest tour yet – just started in Philippines two weeks ago and is moving through Hong Kong and Taiwan this week.

Headlines – 18.09.10

Making headlines in pop this week…

Rihanna is swinging hard into Loud promo mode already with a new track and video to boot this week. Check out what’s reportedly going to be a club-only promo, ‘Who’s That Chick’, produced by David Guetta.

Rihanna – Who’s That Chick by whyyelloww

If you’re peeking now, boo, it’s too late. The technicolour nightmare of a video has been removed by the powers that be.

Kanye West will film the world’s longest music video for his upcoming single, ‘Runaway’. The Grammy-winning rapper wants to better Michael Jackson‘s record for longest promo, ‘Ghosts’, which currently reels up at 39 minutes 31 seconds. Kanye will reportedly do a 40-minute film noir epic, so ya’ll have been warned. Just think: I can duck out, water my succulents, make a cup of Earl Grey and watch an episode of Golden Girls – and Kanye will still be going.

Jessica Mauboy, our R&B princess du jour, drops her new single and gives us a whiff of the stars lined up on her forthcoming LP. Her second album Get ‘Em Girls – I’m still training my fingers to resist the urge and not stylise it as ‘GURLS’. Believe me it’s harder than stopping the neck jerks – reportedly features collaborations with Ludacris, Iyaz and Jay Sean.

The Prophet reports that J Mau has also secured collaborations with uber producers: Brian Kennedy (think Jennifer Hudson and Brandy), Claude Kelly (hit writer behind Britney‘s ‘Circus’ and Kelly Clarkson‘s ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’), Jazze Pha (Ciara) and Cristyle (writer behind Rihanna‘s ‘Only Girl’). Phwoar. I need a lie down.

Check out stills from J Mau‘s ‘Get Em Girls’ video.

Susan Boyle serenaded the Pope with her angelic pipes yesterday when he made his state visit to Glasgow. Yes, all 65,000 worshippers – including the Pope – reached for the heavens when SuBo warbled ‘How Great Thou Art’. Not since his people were enslaved in Egypt, had the Lord heard such a mass cry for a mercy kill.

Nadine Coyle kicks off her promo trail with an interview avec Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills. Here Nuhdeen waxes lyrical about her solo album, her laid back L.A. lifestyle and of course, the rumours about her leaving Girls Aloud.

When asked if Nadine has quit the band, her response was a dismissive, “No! Not at all. Never ever going to either.” But the best part was hearing Nuhdeen thank Scott for “having us” at the end of the interview. Us? Aww, ladies. You hear that? I’m getting misty-eyed for a GA reunion. Now stop fighting and get back together already.

Watch the interview on Scott’s website.

Mel B might make an appearance at this year’s Melbourne Cup frivolities. The fit-as-hell former Spice Girl is reportedly close to signing with the Myer marquee and while she’s down here, you know she’ll be spruiking her reality show. Mel B: It’s A Scary World has been picked up by Foxtel’s Style network and is set to premiere here on 2 November.

Brandy admits that her last album was an epic fail. 2008’s Human – which sold a meagre 73,000 copies in its first week to debut at #15 – was the R&B goddess’s lowest-selling album to date. But Bran’Nu wasn’t about to dagger management and the industry to bits, no. Instead, she zoned in on the record, telling Out magazine it failed to capture her creative essence.

“I felt that creatively it could’ve gone in the space I was in creatively. I needed everybody around me to be in that same space… It would’ve been hotter music and a hotter look.”

Read Brandy‘s interview with Out where she talks about her gay fans, her reality TV show and motherhood.

Janet Jackson leads an Oscar-tempting ensemble cast in For Colored Girls – featuring Whoopi Goldberg, Loretta Devine, Anika Noni Rose and Thandie Newton (believe it or not, she was called in to replace Mariah). The drama is a film adaption of a Tony-nominated play, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf.

What was initially slated for a 2011 release has been brought forward to 5 November. Watch the trailer here:

Sia has released the infectious ‘Bring Night’ as the third single off We Are Born. You can grab the EP – featuring a remix of ‘Clap Your Hands’ – on iTunes now. Bring on the video and let’s see what kind of Art Attack lunacy she comes up with this time.

Watch the making of Sia’s We Are Born.

‘XXX’ Playlist

You know some horny bugger’s gonna accidentally stumble on this while Googling “XXX” material…

Well if it’s a playlist of love-making tunes you’re after, I may be of service.

Here are some of my favourite sexy tunes arranged in order of sensual mood music for starters, then gradually heating up to some nasty strip tease-ready numbers.

Britney Spears – Breathe On Me
“Just put your lips together… and blow.”

Jennifer Lopez – Dear Ben
“Seems I’m addicted to the way you like to touch me…”

Emma Bunton – Undressing You
“Well we’ve only just met and I’m undressing you with my eyes…”

Jill Scott – Cross My Mind
“Kiss this. And this. And this, and this…”

Kylie Minogue – Chocolate
“Hold me and control me, and then melt me slowly down like chocolate…”

Christina Aguilera – Nasty Naughty Boy
“You’ve been a bad, bad boy. I’m gonna take my time so enjoy…”

Beyonce – Speechless
“Drive me crazy, burning candles making love all night…”

Kelis feat. Nas – In Public
“Drive this car real fast. I lay my head down and I’ll make your body blast!”

New Kids On The Block & Pussycat Dolls – Lights, Camera, Action
“You go hit the lights, I’ll set up the camera, let’s get to the action…”

Snoop Dogg feat. Robyn – Sexual Eruption
“I’m gonna take my time, she gon’ get hers before I…”

Peaches – Tent In Your Pants
“You’ve got something with mass appeal. The tent’s so big in your pants, baby!”

JC Chasez – All Day Long I Dream About Sex
“All day long I dream about sex and all night long I think about sex!”

Also on the ‘XXX’ playlist:
Amerie – Crazy Wonderful
Ciara – Promise
Destiny’s Child – T-Shirt
Che’Nelle – Bed
Janet Jackson – Put Your Hands On
Michael Jackson – Rock With You
George Michael – Fastlove
Darren Hayes – Insatiable
Emma Bunton – Por Favor
Emma Bunton – Amazing
Dannii Minogue – You Won’t Forget About Me (Afterlife Lounge Mix)
Victoria Beckham – That Kind of Girl
Usher – Love In This Club
Christina Milian – Highway
Holly Valance – Hypnotic
Dannii Minogue – Vibe On
Christina Aguilera, Mya, Lil’ Kim & Pink – Lady Marmalade
Jennifer Lopez – Step Into My World
Britney Spears – Get Naked (I Got A Plan)
Pussycat Dolls – Buttons
Danity Kane – Strip Tease
Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake – Love Sex Magic
Kelis – Blindfold Me
Lil’ Kim – How Many Licks
Kaila Yu – Candy Coated Sugar Sex
Sugababes – Easy
Pink – Fingers
Morningwood – Take Off Your Clothes
Bertie Blackman – Black Cats