Leak Report: Aiden Grimshaw ‘Is This Love’

Y’all remember Aiden from the 2010 UK X Factor series, right? The dapper young man who chilled spines with his spellbinding rendition of ‘Mad World’?

Well here he comes creeping out the gates with his debut single, ‘Is This Love’, and it’s thankfully more current, underground LDN electronica than weeping willow James Morrison. Seriously, thank fuck.

‘Is This Love’ is the first taste of Aiden‘s forthcoming album Misty Eye, which arrives in the UK on 13 August. The whole project’s spearheaded by London-based Aussie producer Jaz Rogers, who went from styling vanilla hits for Delta Goodrem in the early days, to now delivering cutting-edge electro pop productions for artists like Cat Torres.

What’s really exciting and refreshing about Aiden‘s record is hearing how the tasteful drum and bass/pop direction is pitching him as an artist in his own lane. It’s effortlessly cool, it’s current, and precisely the kind of good shit you wouldn’t expect for your Simon Cowells and Gary Barlows to pick for the kid.

Vocally, he’s like a brand new bitch. Gone are the shaky, waify vocals he was rocking on the X Factor and in with a confident falsetto and punchy delivery to complement the spiky electronic beats.

Listen to Aiden Grimshaw‘s ‘Is This Love’:


Aiden‘s debut single ‘Is This Love’ drops on 3 June and the album Misty Eye follows on 13 August in the UK. The music video for ‘Is This Love’ was shot sometime last week, so y’all can expect to see that next month I reckon.

Judging by the favourable response to his series mates – One Direction, Rebecca Ferguson and Cher Lloyd – don’t be surprised if Aussies get served a slice of this.

Leak Report: Wynter Gordon ‘Still Getting Younger’ Remix EP

Call the morgue because this just killed me with extreme joy and vindication. Feed Limmy’s Song of 2011 – ‘Still Getting Younger’ – is coming for the clubs with a nifty, three-track remix EP.

This surfaced on Soundcloud this arvo, sending me falling off my chair after months of second guessing as to whether Neon Records/Warner Music was actually gonna do anything with Wynter Gordon‘s career-defining track.

The Nick Littlemore-produced dance number was an uncontested centrepiece of Wynter‘s debut album With The Music I Die and a part of me always saw it as the perfect Australian summer music festival soundtrack.

The original daydreamy, 80s nostalgia-ridden beats have been reinterpreted in a few ways on the remix EP.

Take a listen to snippets of the ‘Still Getting Younger’ remixes:


Wynter Gordon‘s ‘Still Getting Younger’ remix EP will be made exclusively available on Beatport on 7 May. Who do I have to seduce at her label to see a proper music video come forth for this single?

Leak Report: Havana Brown ‘City of Darkness’

There is something unsettling about how grown up and pedestrian this new Havana Brown record sounds.

After carving her sound with More Mega – the songwriting/production duo who hemmed her slamming singles ‘We Run The Night’ and ‘Get It’ – Australia’s femme fatale DJ turns it all around with a dull, one-dimensional club piece that is more filler than the killer we’ve come to expect.

Basically, y’all know she should’ve treated MM better, because with the help of Snob Scrilla and Cassie Davis, the girl could have owned the industry with a sound of her own. ‘City of Darkness’ just fails to straddle that potent combination of sounding club-perfect yet radio-ready at the same time like her previous records.

The hooks are blunt and the pulsating backdrop of synths couldn’t be more forgettable. We can definitely rule this out as a contender for the pop charts so fans better pray that Havana‘s got some prized remixes up her sleeve to surrender to Beatport or something.

I know on paper, ‘City of Darkness’ probably sounds like an adequate attempt at making a “meaningful” dance ballad but it’s just not fucking required from a pop star like Havana Brown. Correct me if I’m wrong but I remember reading in some interview that she wanted to be like Pitbull or something, vowing to make fun and uplifting dance music that people won’t be able to resist even if they didn’t necessarily like her. Well, gurl, tell me how you’re gonna take me there with this.

Listen to ‘City of Darkness (Original Mix)’:


Havana Brown‘s ‘City of Darkness’ is the third offering taken from her forthcoming debut album as a recording artist.

Leak Report: Ricki-Lee ‘Do It Like That (Fred Falke Remix)’

This is one stone cold fox of a remix, y’guys. It’s nothing like all them other Ricki-Lee club cuts.

‘Do It Like That’ is the second single launched from Ricki-Lee‘s forthcoming third studio album and while we’ve heard all about the video shoot via her social media streams, there’s still a great deal of mystery surrounding the song itself.

I’m almost confident that this here Fred Falke remix is a distinct step away from what the original cut would sound like. You just know that the single version is gonna be something summery, highly infectious, and in your face.

However, I’m actually living for the icy electronica soundscape in the Fred Falke remix. I would be seriously pressed if Ricki-Lee doesn’t release this with the single edit.

The beat is definitely more stylishly understated like something you’d expect from Robyn. It’s a whole new edge from the flawlessly camp energy Ricki-Lee was serving with ‘Raining Diamonds’.

Listen to the Fred Falke remix of ‘Do It Like That’:

Fred Falke has remixed for the likes of Little Boots, Annie and La Roux. He’s also known for working closely with Florrie.


Ricki-Lee will launch ‘Do It Like That’ on Friday 23 March.

Leak Report: Sneaky Sound System ‘Really Wanna See You Again’ Remixes

I haven’t stopped prancing to ‘Really Wanna See You Again’, y’guys. Every single time the album version comes on, I literally leap to my feet and attempt something like this for the chorus.

Sneaky Sound System really deserve to be shutting down discotheques from here to everywhere with a smash like this. For them to be coming out with something as stunning as ‘Really Wanna See You Again’ for their third single is truly a testament to the kind of wonder they have stashed in that amazing album of theirs.

Aussie purveyor of stylish dance pop have enjoyed ARIA Top 40 success on the club chart with their last two singles ‘We Love’ and ‘Big’ so naturally, we can expect for ‘Really Wanna See You Again’ to follow suit.

Here we have three new remixes courtesy of Azari & III, Funkagenda and KiNK.

My only wish now is for Matt Pop to do one of his famous 80s Tribute remixes for ‘Really Wanna See You Again’. For those unaware of Matt Pop‘s amazing work – please do your homework and inspect his take on RuPaul‘s ‘Main Event’.

‘Really Wanna See You Again (Azari & III Remix)’

Azari & III – the Sneaky‘s label mates on Modular and remixer for the likes of Cut Copy and Robyn – are working their blend of moody electronica and analogue rhythms like a boss. There are elements here that dutifully recall the snap of 80s dance records.

‘Really Wanna See You Again (Funkagenda Remix)’

Funkagenda – who has remixed for artists like Nero and Feist – crafts a generously instrumental affair with a sly bass line and claps. There’s potential for this cut to be dirtier and grittier, I reckon.

‘Really Wanna See You Again (KiNK Remix)’

Bulgarian DJ KiNK keeps it jumpin’ with an all synths and shakers affair. It’s easily the most energetic cut of the pack but not necessarily the most stylish or interesting to listen to.


According to this week’s update, ‘Really Wanna See You Again’ has risen to #23 on the ARIA club chart in its second week. Stomp it out, bitches.

Sneaky Sound System shot the video for ‘Really Wanna See You Again’ in London last week. Here’s a behind-the-scenes snap from the shoot.

The pair had rushed back to play a gig in Geelong yesterday but unfortunately had to cancel their St Kilda Festival show tonight due to Connie’s illness.

Leak Report: Brandy and Monica ‘It All Belongs To Me’

Don’t nobody call this the sequel to the career-defining ‘Boy Is Mine’ because we’re not dealing with girls fighting over some scrub no more. This is some grown ass women business right here.

Brandy and Monica have finally reunited for their first duet in 14 years and naturally what we’re all looking for is another massive, radio-ready smash to recapture some commercial grounds.

Unfortunately, this sassy semi-dated soul ballad screams more “track nine” than headlining single. ‘It All Belongs To Me’ is not here to deliver the same soap opera stuff that made ‘Boy Is Mine’ so addictive and fun to lip synch to with your gay best friend.

This feels more like a recitation from the same chapter and verse of Beyoncé‘s ‘Irreplaceable’ with both Brandy and Monica dismissing their men and insisting that he leaves behind all the luxuries he’s been provided with.

“I know you’re mad, can’t take no more. But put that back, that ain’t yours. Have a fit, slam the door. But leave the bags on the floor, that sh*t belongs to me!”

Producer Rico Love – who has hemmed some proper hits for the likes of Kelly Rowland and Usher – really didn’t bother with an adequate and modern backdrop for this eagerly awaited comeback duet. 

You shouldn’t have to play this after ‘Boy Is Mine’ and find that Darkchild‘s production some 14 years ago still sounds more cutting edge than ‘It All Belongs To Me’. 

Having said that, there’s undeniable delight in my loins to hear these two fabulous 90s R&B divas sharing a warble once again. It’s clear to the ears that these two women have simply gotten better with age as vocalists and emotive artists whose selling points are music from the heart. [Editor’s note: gagging at that cheesy description, Limoncé.]

Listen to Brandy and Monica‘s ‘It Belongs To Me’:


‘It Belongs To Me’ will be released digitally on 13 February in the States and will impact rhythmic and urban contemporary stations on 21 February.

The song will appear on Monica‘s forthcoming album New Life, which arrives in April, and Brandy‘s as-yet-untitled comeback album, which has been pushed back to later this year.

Leak Report: Rebecca Ferguson ‘On and On’

Rebecca Ferguson‘s dulcet tones are a gift that keeps giving. In an era where so many pop artists have abandoned the concept of singles b-sides, I’m thoroughly thrilled to see mama deliver on a few fronts with ‘On and On’.

This brand new country-inflected track will be launched as a b-side on Becca‘s forthcoming single ‘Too Good To Lose’.

There’s a distinctly American, slightly Louisiana taste to ‘On and On’ and given that, at the time of my writing, it is currently 5:40am in Melbourne – I wanna say that it’s perfect for sitting on the porch and watching the sun rise over the corn fields.

I can totally see why this was tucked in as a b-side, though. It doesn’t quite fit the flow of her Heaven-ly album tracks but it does present country as a very viable option for Godbecca, should she ever want to sashay in that direction.

There is literally so many opportunities for this woman to crack the American music market and country didn’t even cross my mind.

Listen to ‘On and On’:


Rebecca Ferguson will release ‘Too Good To Lose’ the single on 4 March in the UK. While there’s no Aussie drop date set yet for ‘TGTL’, fans can now grab her first single ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ on our iTunes.

Godbecca‘s stunning album Heaven arrives in Australia on 10 February. Valentine’s Day pressie for real, for real.