Wynter Gordon covers Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’

Pause the tape! The gorgeous Wynter Gordon has done a live acoustic cover of Natalie Imbruglia‘s classic ‘Torn’.


The performance was captured on film for Billboard.com as part of a special interview/performance session Wynter was doing to promote her new EP Human Condition: Part 1 Doleo.

It’s been a minute since we had the New York-based singer/songwriter perform in Australia. As you would remember, when she launched her debut album With The Music I Die here last year, she went around to several radio stations doing acoustic renditions of ‘Dirty Talk’, ‘Til Death’ and Rihanna‘s ‘S&M’ which earned some rave reviews from listeners and fans alike.

Wynter is well within her element with the music all stripped back like this. She always gives moments in these settings.

Watch her acoustic cover of ‘Torn’:

While you’re in the vicinity, you might as well check out her revealing Q&A interview with Billboard – discussing her new project and why she decided to move on from pop music:

Now treat yourself to a live acoustic performance of one of Wynter‘s more raw and intensely personal new tracks – ‘Kids’:

What an absolute show stopper.


Wynter Gordon‘s new EP is now out for free download – check out my review of Doleo.

Will Young ‘Come On’ Live Acoustic and Cahill Club Mix

Will Young can almost do no wrong at this point as he gears up to release ‘Come On’ – the second single from his chart topping Echoes album. We’re talking about one of my favourite albums of 2011 here, y’guys.

This sensible and subtle dance pop direction the Pop Idol veteran’s nodding to is so on point, considering how it complements his vocal tones and back catalogue of adult contemporary smear. Every binge listen of Echoes I go through always end up with me falling madly obsessed with a different track. I’ve gone through the motions with the sly disco romper ‘I Just Want A Lover’ and nouveau 80’s ‘Good Things’ but I’ve yet to develop a similar connection with ‘Come On’.

‘Come On’ – written and originally released by Kish Mauve – was always the obvious second single from the get-go. It seems like a more realistic choice for mainstream radio, given the running pace that accelerates in the chorus and compelling vocal delivery. Here we’re about to see the track interpreted in two very different ways in a live acoustic performance and a hands-in-the-air club remix. Who said you can’t have it both ways?

Watch Will Young‘s gorgeous live acoustic performance of ‘Come On’, which I have a feeling was actually filmed months ago when he did the album track-by-track video:

Now take a listen to ‘Come On (Cahill Club Mix)’ via Pop On and On:

Both versions have actually heightened my appreciation for the song. One for the Saturday night out and the other for the Sunday morning come down – Will Young has got chu covered.


Will Young will release ‘Come On’ to UK store fronts on 21 November. Expect the music video to premiere real soon.

Nicola Roberts ‘Yo-Yo’, ‘Lucky Day’ and ‘i’ (Live Acoustic on MSN)

Our new priestess of cool Britannia pop, Nicola Roberts, will dazzle y’all in this brief acoustic set she did exclusively for MSN. If it sounds like I’m stating the obvious then thankfully, you’re one of the few who are already in on Nic’s brilliance. Skeptics, please walk this way.

The Girls Aloud siren’s eagerly awaited debut album Cinderella’s Eyes came out in Ireland first yesterday and much to the interwebs’ delight, some generous Irish fans were kind enough to pirate share the love three days ahead of the UK release. Needless to say, Nicola’s material has once again earned more overwhelmingly positive reviews than say, anything Cheryl or Nadine put out.

Ginge’s underground electro pop persuasion serviced with fluorescent hooks and honest lyricism is an absolute force to be reckoned with. This whole solo project has been a delightful proper introduction to the porcelain-complexioned star we’ve watched for nine years but never really got to know.

Nicola Roberts‘ vocal tone is something of a multi-faceted and highly textured beast – as you’ll discover with this acoustic set. It really makes you grip your chest with indignation to think that for years she was only ever allowed to sing in a soft tone when she was with Girls Aloud. Behold – because I haven’t hyped this up enough – La Roberts’ acoustic set for MSN:

‘Yo-Yo’ – the potential third single from Cinderella’s Eyes:

‘Lucky Day’ – the current single. Anyone else inadvertently started singing Christina Aguilera‘s ‘I Am’ to that piano intro?

‘i’ – a deeply confessional album track. Very quotable:


Nicola RobertsCinderella’s Eyes will arrive on UK store fronts on 26 September. As for the rest of the world, no other release dates have been confirmed as yet – y’all will just have to import it like I have. PS – I got an email advising that my autographed copy was despatched yesterday. Panties were soiled etc.

Nicola Roberts ‘Lucky Day’ Live at Super Saturday

Is it possible that Nicola Roberts is becoming more confident on stage on her own now with single number two? Don’t be daft, of course it is.

It’s been nine years in the game for the Girls Aloud siren and yet this feels like the first time we’re getting properly acquainted. With her quirky debut single ‘Beat of My Drum’ now put to rest as the sleeper pop single of the year, I honestly can’t wait to see how people react to something more radiant like, say, ‘Lucky Day’.

Here’s Nicola rocking the new single like a boss at Super Saturday – complete with some well-festive explosion of streamers on stage:


This is about 250% better than the first time I watched her perform ‘Lucky Day’ at some random festival months ago. Her vocals are on point, she’s moving about, and best of all, it actually seems like she’s enjoying it. But will the kids go wild for ‘Lucky Day’? Bitch, I’ve been lip synching for my life all week in my car to the song and you can’t help but crack a smile when she goes, “MWAH-MWAH-MWAH-MWAH”. This has to be huge.

In case you haven’t noticed, her team is going all out with the ‘Lucky Day’ digital campaign. They’ve launched a month-long ‘Lucky Day’ prize give away spree on her official website and best of all, an animated scratchie shows up when you enter. Kudos all round for cuteness.

The single will drop this coming Sunday, a week before the album. It’s no secret that Nicola‘s the dark horse of the British girl band and everyone’s just gagging to see what she pulls out of the bag for her debut Cinderella’s Eyes. There was never any mystery or allure to what Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle or Sarah Harding was gonna do musically. Can’t wait to hear it!


Nicola will release ‘Lucky Day’ on 18 September in the UK. The digital single bundle will come with a karaoke version of ‘Lucky Day’, the amazing Digital Dogs remix and a b-side ‘Fix Me’. Those who pre-order the single on iTunes will also cop an exclusive Cinderella’s Eyes album mini sampler.

Sugababes ‘Freedom’ (Acoustic) Live at Super Saturday

I can’t decide whether going acoustic for this festival was a good idea or just unnecessary risk for Sugababes 4.0.

There were some moments of magic when Heidi, Amelle and Jade smooth out the harmonies together but on the whole, I don’t think the arrangement worked overly well in selling the song.

‘Freedom’ is billed as the all important new single for the ladies on their new label. The reception has been somewhat lukewarm and none of the live performances I’ve seen thus far have really convinced me that it’s gonna set the charts alight when it drops later this month.

You gotta give them snaps for trying to make it work though but personally, I’d start testing the waters with another track now. Y’know, like maybe start performing a prospective second single just to see if people are any more excited to hear that?

Watch Sugababes do ‘Freedom’ acoustic style live at Super Saturday:


Once again, it’s another painful wardrobe situation where Amelle and Jade look like they were dressed by proper pop star stylists and Heidi just came in whatever she found in the recycle bin out the back. There’s nothing flattering about them high waisted pencil skirts on her. The only time I’ve seen it kinda work on Heidi was when she was posing the house down in them for the Sweet 7 cover art but even that deserved a little side eye for photoshop assistance.


Sugababes will release ‘Freedom’ on 25 September in the UK. Should we be expecting a Top 10 entry?

Leona Lewis ‘Collide’ (Live on Red or Black)

It goes without saying that Leona Lewis has never looked better. Her styling is utterly on point in this new era and with any luck, this new dance single of hers will chart just as favourably.

Here we have the three-time Grammy nominated X Factor siren performing ‘Collide’ for the first time on telly and of course, you wouldn’t expect the affair to be anything less than mega budget.

The concept of this Red or Black game show is still foreign to me so as you can imagine, I’m more fixated with the shuffling suitcases than I am on her performance. Not to shade the girl or anything but it’s a typical Leona live experience – flawless looks, (predominantly) brilliant vocals and just a pinch of shakiness.

Take a look at ‘Collide’ live on Red or Black:

The thing about Leona Lewis is that, she’s still evolving and growing as a performer. It’s endearing to watch but at the same time, it gets rather frustrating as well. I bought her Labyrinth Tour DVD and have to say, despite the immaculate sets and various razzle dazzle, she – as the star of the show – failed to connect and convey a decent amount of showmanship.

Let’s hope she steps up to the mark this time around because I believe the Glass Heart era could open up a bigger and bolder Leona. I just have a feeling about it.


Leona Lewis releases ‘Collide’ in the UK today.

Zoë Badwi ‘Freefallin’ (Live on Up Late)

Hold off on tampering with that undescended disco ball, Zoë Badwi won’t be requiring that tonight.

Australia’s first lady of dance has decided to give fans and nationwide viewers alike a glimpse of her more acoustic side. It’s all bar stools and strummy la la realness here, y’all. Much like her label made and dance music comrade Wynter Gordon, Ms Zoë is keen to demonstrate that there’s a true vocalist behind all them layers of production and fluorescent dance beats. The girl can hella sing and it’s nice to see her showcase her talents in a stripped back setting.

Appreciate on her live acoustic rendition of ‘Freefallin’:


Zoë is currently promoting her newly launched dance album with a series of club gigs and media appearances. The album has been years in the making and it features all her ARIA club smashes like ‘Release Me’, ‘In The Moment’, ‘Freefallin’, ‘Accidents Happen’ and ‘Carry Me Home’. Zoë – the album – is a cohesive stream of Eurodance-inflected numbers taking us from champagne drizzled four-to-the-floor stompers through to more emotive moments. Revelations include ‘Until You’re Over Me’ – a classic dance ballad I’m stanning for to be her next single – and ‘One Step Behind’, a bewitching electro pop piece that recalls Kylie‘s Aphrodite gem ‘Closer’. That one could be a winner with the indie-electro hipster crowd if it was remixed by the likes of Frankmusik, The Sound of Arrow, Kleerup or Penguin Prison. Yes, I’m already thinking one step ahead for ‘One Step Behind’. You’re welcome.


Zoë – the deluxe edition album – is currently placed at #124 on our Australian iTunes store. When it came out on Friday, I clocked the album charting as high at #3 on the iTunes dance charts.