Feed Limmy’s 40 Songs of 2016

In keeping with this annual tradition that stretches back to a land before Snapchat and Gigi Hadid, I am here to present you Feed Limmy’s Songs of The Year.

Over the years it has become more of a documentation of songs released in the past 12 months that I have really enjoyed or have soundtracked a special memory. I think for that reason, these lists of the more intimate nature perhaps carry a bit more meaning and weight, as they’re not critically-inclined but are measured by the standard of one’s enjoyment and personal connection. Which after all, is what music is all about.

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Meghan Trainor ‘All About That Bass’

Bbz, I am so down for a new handclapping, foot-tapping anthem for curvy girls.

meghan trainor all about that bass

Check out Meghan Trainor’s new jam ‘All About That Bass’, a feel good pop tune about being confident in whatever size you are.

Yes, it slides across the line a little into novelty single territory but it’s so damn infectious, you can’t help but jiggly your jelly to it.

Beyoncé told us ‘Pretty Hurts’ and Lily asserts that it’s ‘Hard Out Here’ for a bitch. Now Meghan’s telling you to screw it and just embrace the bass. #EmbraceTheBass

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