Lea Michele ‘On My Way’ Music Video

Glee poster girl sexes up her image for the only decent pop hit on her album. Basically, Lea Michele isn’t playing around any more. She wants ‘On My Way’ to make an impact and she’s pulling all stops and booty shorts.


I mean, come on, the opening shot is a close up of her derriere.

The video, shot in California, sees Lea in a retro-styled motel getting intimate with a scruffy dude. It’s a painfully familiar video concept with frame after framed of recycled imagery we’ve seen before in Christina Aguilera‘s ‘Your Body’ and Katy Perry‘s ‘Teenage Dream’ (just to name a few).

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Samantha Jade ‘Up!’ Music Video

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of meeting Samantha Jade would know that she is a real girls’ girl.

Samantha Jade Up! Music Video

In her latest music video ‘Up!’, the X Factor Australia siren gives you an all access pass to a frivolous girls night out with her and her mates around Sydney.

Director Lawrence Lim and the team at Tribal Apes (who also gave us Jessica Mauboy‘s latest video ‘Never Be The Same‘) follows Sammi on a treat yo’ self day of shopping around Paddington, gourmet seafood lunch by the beach, followed by cocktails and some dancing in the streets.

Notes for our international audiences: this is totally a typical day in the life of a sun-kissed Aussie pop princess.

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Klaxons ‘There Is No Other Time’ Music Video

Welcome to time and space according to Klaxons.


The London indie rock band has dropped the video for ‘There Is No Other Time’, the first cut from their third album Love Frequency. Seriously, this song is a tune.

I don’t know what on earth happened with their last album but this new single, which is a collaboration with English producers Gorgon City, is a proper hit candy.

Director Georgia Hudson – who brought us ‘s ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’ video – gave the song a modern disco visual treatment.

It’s a stylish production filled with rapid cuts of bodies dancing under neon lights, the band (blink-and-you’ll-miss-it) and various cues of time and space.

It’s not something you necessarily pick up in the first play, but I love how the video opens with frames of a vast open landscape (the beach with seagulls) then slowly digress into tight and intimate close ups of body parts moving in a club.

Watch the video for Klaxons‘ ‘There Is No Other Time’:

Klaxons‘ ‘There Is No Other Time’ is out now and there is also a remix bundle, if you’re so inclined.

The band will release their first album in four years – Love Frequency – on 2 June. The project features collaborations with Tom Rowlands (Chemical Brothers), James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) and London-based DJ Erol Alkan.

Christina Aguilera ‘Your Body’ Music Video

Can I just stop you for a second to inform you that this is the greatest Christina Aguilera music video since ‘Fighter’?


F’Aggies all over the world are probably still cleaning up the glittery discharge in their panties left after watching their queen slay – in every way – on screen.

Acclaimed director Melina Matsoukas – who is quickly becoming a solid authority on music video visual excellence – returns to us the sexually aggressive, untamed Christina Aguilera we love – but with a whole new look.


In ‘Your Body’, Aggie is pitching a thrilling collision of vintage Americana fashion with edgy trailer park trash glam.

We’ve never seen the Voice vixen combine youthful colours with old school prints and textures like this before. The excess, the hoarder-style approach to the styling, suits the popstar incredibly well. Subtlety is not an approach Xtina is known for.

Thematically-speaking, the music video sips on essences of Beyoncé‘s Lucille Ball-referencing ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’ – which was also directed by Melina – and Lady Gaga‘s hi-camp ‘Telephone’ mini-movie.


Here we see Christina step out as a man-targeting, serial killer who terminates her suiters after casual sexual encounters.

The best part about this concept is how the director has – pardon the pun – executed it with such a playful tone.

Aggie gets to dress up in different guises each time she pulls: there’s the hitchhiking Aubrey O’Day-esque look, the pub-crawling vixen in braids and beanie, and couture mama in a figure hugging black dress.


The use of colour as a euphemism for her harsh acts of violence is cute and clever.

When Aggie blows up the car, the flames burn a Barbie hot pink. When she slaughters the man in a toilet cubicle, there’s baby blue paint splattered all over the wall instead of thick warm blood. When she takes a bat to some poor convenience store bloke’s head, it explodes glitter.

It’s precisely the kind of tongue-in-cheek tone we want to see for a song that could have so easily settled for a standard, sexually-charged video treatment.

Trust. We’ve seen Xtina do X-rated a thousand times before, for over a decade, in fact. This direction is actually kinda refreshing – and it looks like something that would speak to old fans and new ones alike.

Watch Christina Aguilera’s ‘Your Body’ music video:

The arresting Max Martin and Shellback-sculpted ‘Your Body’ is arguably the best lead single Christina has launched in 10 years, putting her squarely back in the game as a serious chart contender once again.

Do y’all reckon this new era could fare better than the sorely underrated Bionic?


Christina Aguilera‘s ‘Your Body’ just debuted at #34 on the US Billboard Hot 100 this week. The song has yet to make a significant impact on Australian radios, failing to make our ARIA Top 100 in its first week.

Xtina‘s new album Lotus drops locally on Friday 16 November.

According to Billboard, this record will be a smattering of dancefloor-ready pop like ‘Your Body’ with some titan piano-driven ballads, and even a few rock-driven anthems.

Leona Lewis ‘Trouble’ Music Video

I see some of y’all are prematurely wrapping a bow on the proverbial coffin of Leona Lewis‘ career.


It’s hard to believe that the top-selling British X Factor diva who once put a wrecking ball to the charts with ‘Bleeding Love’ is now struggling to get an inch of anyone’s care factor.

Leona‘s latest single ‘Trouble’ – co-written by Emeli Sandé – is the first sign of life from her forthcoming third studio album Glassheart, which was presumed dead when it was abruptly pulled from the release schedule last year following the lacklustre results of her dance single ‘Collide’.

‘Trouble’ takes Leona back to where she fits best: making moody ballads. The song is something of a slight masterpiece with nods to Massive Attack. For the kids playing at home who prefer a more present-time reference, ‘Trouble’ stirs the soul in a similar fashion to Emeli Sandé‘s own single ‘Daddy’ – which was also produced by Naughty Boy.


The music video for ‘Trouble’ – which stars Teen Wolf adonis Colton Haynes – feels like a whole lot of smoke but no fire. For a song that bears such descriptive and emotive lyrics, you would expect for the video’s narrative to not just reflect its themes but take it to a whole new level.

The song’s retelling of a tumultuous relationship with a troubled individual was not fully realised in the video. What was so dark about Leona’s character in this video? You see her repeatedly dropping her head to her hands, singing she’s a “whole lot of trouble” – but there was no real indication that she was.

So, the couple had a fight, and pillows and glasses were thrown. Isn’t that a pretty typical outcome when two people squabble over possession of the TV remote?

The whole time you’re sitting here with your bowl of Coco Pops, spoon suspended before your lips in anticipation of something more, you get no insight into her character.

I would’ve loved it if they threw in shots of Leona collecting her possessions after getting bailed out of jail, sitting in a brightly lit room in a support group circle, perhaps even revelations of a vanity cupboard full of prescription medication. Y’know, the kinda gritty shit a vanilla-fairy floss-and-unicorns popstar like Leona wouldn’t be expected to do.


Snaps where snaps are due – the styling and cinematography here is looking well on point. Director Raul B Fernandez – who has done music videos like We The Kings‘ ‘We’ll Be A Dream’ and Port O’Brien‘s ‘My Will is Good’ – draws out the heavy mind games behind the characters with great finesse.

This was probably best depicted in the party scene with the couple’s knowing glances and forced interactions, followed by the chilling disconnect when they are alone in the lift. Man, did that hit close to home for me.

Watch the music video for ‘Trouble’:


Leona Lewis will turn out ‘Trouble’ in the UK on 5 October, a week before her Glassheart album arrives there.

She is set to perform that weekend on the UK X Factor to promote the single’s arrival, so strategically-speaking she should get a decent Top 5 debut out of it.

The Veronicas ‘Lolita’ Music Video

This track has already been proclaimed by yours truly as one of the finest moments in Aussie pop this year, so can The Veronicas now slay ‘Lolita’ in a whole new dimension?


Here we see Jess and Lisa back on our screens in their first music video in three years, looking deadly as ever with firearms and fuck-with-me-not facial expressions.

The sinister dance/pop track naturally calls for a femme fatale-esque narrative but you won’t find the Aussie twins in a compromising position, caressing themselves in burlesque outfits and patting tired Marie Antoinette wigs rescued from some sex shop bargain bin.

Instead, here we see reimaginations of sci-fi/action movie themes that pitches The Veronicas as leaders of an alien bounty hunter gang.


Director Spencer Susser, who co-directed Lana Del Rey‘s ‘Summertime Sadness’ video, brings to life visuals fit for a blockbuster smash. Everything from the shootings in smoke-filled abandoned streets to the hectic juxtaposition of shots conveying torture has been executed with great style.

Can anyone say, fuck yeah milk bath?

In terms of The Veronicas‘ visual presentation, I’m actually really glad they didn’t go to over-the-top measures, brandishing leather catsuits with metal spikes protruding from shoulder pads.

Because, y’know, that’s exactly the kinda blatant shit I would go for as a queen who still idolises Victoria Beckham‘s ‘Not Such An Innocent Girl’ evil twin character.


Jess and Lisa’s grungey and believably ‘street’ looks feels more like the real deal here. I only wish their stylist had stolen some inspirations from Korean super girlband 2NE1‘s ‘Ugly’ music video and given their appearance a sprinkle of fantasy.

Watch The Veronicas kick arse in the ‘Lolita’ video:


It’s a crying shame that ‘Lolita’ has yet to crack the ARIA Top 20. In fact, it left the Top 30 last week just after a month. Fingers crossed the video and more promo will help move it in the right direction.

The Veronicas‘ new album Life on Mars is due in the coming months. It’ll feature productions by Toby Gad and Nellee Hooper (hit maker behind No Doubt‘s Rock Steady album and Holly Valance‘s irresistible single ‘Down Boy’).

Mariah Carey ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’ Music Video

You have to hand it to this divine empress of song. Nobody straddles the fine line between luxurious and tacky quite like Mariah Carey. You don’t need to check the receipts to know that she’s legit.


Mimi’s empowering urban jam didn’t exactly get everyone moist with excitement when it premiered a few weeks ago, but just like a lot of my fellow Lambs, I waited for the video before passing final judgement.

The age-old boxing match theme applied to ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’ really hits home the song’s message of overcoming adversity. However, rather than letting you experience it in a raw Rocky Balboa-style treatment, the music video is rendered with a golden 1960s touch.

The opulence, the cinematic frames, the fucking yards of gold lamé that seem to disappear to nowhere on Mariah’s body – these are all signifiers of a typical Mimi clip where excess is celebrated and modesty scoffed. And you gotta love her for that!

The video’s director and Mariah’s full-time boo – Nick Cannon – thoroughly did ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’ justice by honouring his wife’s fondness for extravagance. We’ve all seen Mariah try to do pedestrian-realness with ‘Through The Rain’ and, frankly, it scared the shit out of me to see her try to dress like us mere mortals.


Mariah Carey should never try to destroy the illusion of her grandeur – no, not even to get some “universal message of hope” across in one of her own videos. I think at this stage of her career, Mimi and her Lambs know how it works.

The formula for her videos are more or less: one part skimpy two piece, one part mega wind machine and fluttering of fingers, and some misguided portions of looking like Miss Universe parading evening wear like her life depended on it.

Seeing rappers Meek Mill and Rick Ross take up significant screen time in the first half of the video concerned me, just like their prominence on the track did.

However, you more than get your money’s worth towards the end when confetti’s raining on Mimi’s pageant queen diva pose and she’s steady punching the air like there was no Laila Ali.

This video is magnificent in every sense imaginable for a typical Mariah production. The only thing missing was a pair of giant flaming butterflies scorching up behind the boxing ring.


Mariah Carey‘s ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’ has to date charted at #97 on the US Billboard Hip Hop/R&B Songs and #144 on the official UK Singles chart.

The much-favoured remixes (see Vintage Throwback Mix, Pulse Remix, Danny Verde Club Mix, Laidback Luke Extended Mix, The New Iberican League Club Mix) have scaled up to #42 on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.