Janelle Monae ‘Tightrope’ Music Video Notes:

Janelle Monae blows my mind.

Her last epic video, ‘Many Moons’, was what sci-fi music video dreams are made of.

And now, she’s back with ‘Tightrope’, the funky first single off her debut LP: The Arch Android.

Try watching this video without tapping your feet uncontrollably!


Monae is an epiphany that king-hits you with her sheer energy, quirk and soul.

I adored her concept of releasing a trilogy of EPs that follows the adventures of her android alter-ego, Cindi Mayweather.

The first EP (or suite, as she would call it) was 2007’s ‘Metropolis Suite I of IV: The Chase’, which got an official release the following year after she signed with Diddy‘s Bad Boy Records.

Although, the series foreshadowed didn’t really unfold accordingly – Monae’s said to be packing Suites III and IV into one massive debut LP, The Arch Android.

I know her signing with Diddy might seem like an unholy alliance of sorts! But I hope the association will give Janelle the right kind of exposure.

Lord knows, her time is long overdue.

The Arch Android is due 18 May.