Chart Feed – 27.06.11

Wynter Gordon‘s With The Music I Die debuts at #25 in Australia this week. I reckon that’s a pretty decent starting point for an upcoming artist who’s only had two official singles out here. For many Aussies, last week’s promo trip was their first real taste of Wynter. Y’know, finally putting a face and a character to the ‘Dirty Talk’ hit. Before this, she had only done dance music festivals and Mardi Gras in Australia. The TV performances on prime time programs like Dancing With The Stars and Sunrise were effective in a sense because it brought her some mainstream attention. Good news, it also propelled ‘Til Death’ back into the Top 20 (#18)!

With The Music I Die is only just kicking off. Her manager has informed me that they’ll be five singles from this opus – the fifth likely to be a new recording taken from the US edition of the album. There’ll be four new songs on that version, which Aussies will get when the album is repackaged here. So watch this space.

Over in the US, ‘Til Death’ rises to #20 on the dance/club charts after only three weeks. The six-track US EP comes out tomorrow. Now, I know there better another Wynter stan or two reading this. You guys need to check out this new Wynter Warriors fan Tumblr blog. Follow, follow, follow!

Bon Iver‘s self-titled album debuts at #2 in Australia, making it the highest selling new album of the week. There’s been loads of critical applaud for the album and honestly, I tried with it but I think I’m in far too much of a boppy dance head space [Editor’s note: see above] to mellow out to his material. I can do Gypsy and The Cat mellow right now in this minute but that’s about as downtempo as it gets. Bon Iver debuts at #4 in the UK. Other mega new entries on our ARIA charts this week include Bad Meets Evil‘s Hell: The Sequel (#3), The GratesSecret Rituals (#11) and Simple Plan‘s Get Your Heart On! (#13)

Pitbull‘s imaginatively titled Planet Pit debuts at #5 in Australia this week. Would you have expected any less from this rent-a-rapper of the moment? He’s had two monster hits with this album, including the current smash ‘Give Me Everything’ featuring a certain squealing power bottom on the hook. I’ve just had a quick preview of the album and some interesting tracks include the next single ‘Rain Over Me’ featuring Marc Anthony and ballad ‘Castle Made of Sand’ featuring Kelly Rowland (produced by DJ Frank E, who did Toni Braxton‘s epic ‘Yesterday’). Planet Pit debuts at #18 in the UK.

Beyonce‘s 4 is currently at #3 on our Aussie iTunes chart. I know some stans are confused over which versions are available on what format. Here’s the tea: the deluxe edition is only released here as a physical two-disc set and the standard edition is only available digitally. So don’t bother looking for a standard edition 4 album in stores. The current single ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ sits at #32 in Australia and rises to a new peak of #71 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Look out for a preview of the music video on her major Piers Morgan interview tomorrow.

Check out Queen B slaying it at GLASTONBEY today, performing her new tracks ‘Best Thing I Never Had/ End of Time’. Hurry before the ever efficient “Ms. Beyonce Knowles” pulls it down for infringing on her copyrightness:


Beyonce made history today as the first woman to headline Glastonbury in over 20 years when she performed to over 175,000 festival goers in the UK. Since the diva was all set up there already, she also did a live cross over to the BET awards where her performance was beamed to the American public. Ex-bandmates Kelly and Michelle were in attendance there so I don’t know where them rumours of a Destiny’s Child reunion at Glastonbury came from. Did you clock Tenitra at the awards? Look at that stunning beauty.

Watch Kelly Rowland‘s sexy BET Awards performance of ‘Motivation’. You can’t say she didn’t work for it:


Adele‘s life changing ‘Someone Like You’ ascends to #1 in Australia, chalking us off as the fifth country this song has dominated with a #1 position. In case you were wondering, the single also topped the charts in UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Scotland. The album – 21 – remains at #1 in Australia. Over in the US, ‘Rolling In The Deep’ is still #1 on the Hot 100. Move along, nothing to see here.

Lady Gaga‘s ‘The Edge of Glory’ continues its return back up the charts, reaching #21 in Australia this week. Over in the UK, the single jumps to #8 while the album Born This Way reclaims the #1 spot. The Fame also gains a few places, rising from #20 to #13.

LMFAO and Natalia Kills‘ ‘Champagne Showers’ debuts at #26 in Australia this week. Hey, y’guys. I guess this is our nation’s first formal introduction to Natalia. Please make her feel welcomed. Expect her to slay soon with ‘Free’ and/or ‘Mirrors’, whichever they plan to drop here after she’s done making small talk with this collabo.

Wes Carr‘s appropriately titled comeback single ‘Been A Long Time’ debuts at #33 in Australia. No kidding, last week I saw his Australian Idol winning single abandoned on a Borders bookshelf. Gurl, you know they’re closing shop, right? And there are people buying fixtures off the wall and shelves and shit. Yet, still nobody wants old Wes Carr‘s $1 CD single. Before you shake your head, you should know that it could’ve been a lot worst. Spare a thought for previous Idol winner Kate DeRaugo, for there were far more copies of her single left behind than his.

Calvin Harris and Kelis‘ fun new collabo ‘Bounce’ debuts at #34 in Australia while Sneaky Sound System‘s ‘We Love’ finally enters our ARIA Top 50 this week at #41.

Jennifer Lopez‘s Love? shoots to #15 in the UK thanks to the proper promo it’s now getting on the European side. She’s still flogging ‘I’m Into You’ and like we said before, the only reason why it has felt like a lifetime is because ‘On The Floor’ is still tearing it up hard on the charts and her label doesn’t want to show it up with a follow up just yet. Not that ‘I’m Into You’ is any real match. While we’re waiting patiently for more new J.Lo, have you seen this clip of her unreleased viral video for ‘Good Hit’?


I know it’s old news but I’m sure some of y’all haven’t experienced its eleganza. Silence! Class is in session at the Fierce Academy. Fingers crossed the full video will surface eventually. I’m thinking maybe for a repackaged edition of the album? Please let there be a video anthology disc like what Beyonce did for B’day. Of all the divas, you know this bitch can deliver some proper visuals.

Cascada‘s Original Me album debuts at #2 on the UK dance charts and #24 on the main charts this week. Ugh, so wretched. Good on her for making a career out of purveying vanilla dance/pop fodder that lovers of September can lap up. It really doesn’t speak to me. I thought she already had an album out when ‘Pyromania’ dropped last year but as it turns out, this is the album and the new official lead single is ‘San Francisco’.

The Feeling‘s Together We Were Made debuts at #22 in the UK. I really do like these guys and while I don’t usually listen to “band music”, these guys give good pop and they really do have a summery sound of their own. This is gang’s first album to feature duets with foxy mamas like Sophie Ellis-Bextor (British pop goddess and wife of bass player Richard), Roisin Murphy and 90s one-hit wonder Betty Boo (whose track ‘Virtually Art’ is only available on the deluxe edition).

Patrick Wolf‘s Lupercalia debuts at #37 in the UK. I’ve seen massive shop front posters for this album in a prominent record on Oxford Street – Sydney’s spiritual home of the gays. I have to admit, I am rather slack with keeping up with Patty’s discography. The last song I really got into was ‘Accidents and Emergencies’. The new album has been described as a really romantic record. Wonder what the new single like? Let’s play ‘House’:


Jason Derulo‘s ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’ has surprisingly enough hit #1 in the UK, making this his second chart topper there since ‘In My Head’. The single has so far peaked at #5 in Australia and #14 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Good for him.

Parade‘s ‘Perfume’ debuts at #38 in the UK. They’re lucky they managed to scrape into the Top 40 with this one. Girl bands seem to be having a hard time over there right now. I mean, The Saturdays are kinda exempt because they’re arguably the most established British girl band working in this minute. Even so, ‘Notorious’ has had to fight to regain its Top 20 position.

Speaking of girl bands Wonderland‘s self-titled album sinks to #58 in the UK. Y’all would be pleased to hear that JOY 94.9 – Australia’s only gay and lesbian radio station – has playlisted a remix of ‘Starlight’ on daytime. Maybe these divas can catch a hit here with the queens? Perhaps JOY should also start plugging one of the many twinky remixes of ‘Perfume’. I gagged with excitement when I heard it in a night club in Sydney!

Katy Perry‘s ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’ cracks the UK Top 20 – as expected – with a new position of #11. No pressure or anything but the first four Teenage Dream singles all went Top 3 there. Over in the States, the stakes are even higher for ‘Last Friday’. I’d be pretty happy if it doesn’t better its peak of #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 but bear in mind its predecessors ‘California Gurls’, ‘Teenage Dream’, ‘Firework’ and ‘ET’ all made #1. I sometimes forget how bloody huge this bitch is. Absolutely winning.

Rihanna‘s ‘Man Down’ rises to #58 on the UK charts while ‘California King Bed’ reigns at #17. Her other single ‘S&M’ is docked at #54 and ‘Only Girl In The World’ at #69. Over on the US R&B/Hip Hop charts ‘Man Down’ reaches a new peak of #13. You can’t tell me this diva isn’t winning either.

Keri Hilson and Chris Brown‘s ‘One Night Stand’ moves up the US R&B/Hip Hop charts to #19. It sure took its time, didn’t it? I mean, we’re onto the next single already, right? We’re all shakin’, windin’ and rollin’ now gurl. Elsewhere, Estelle‘s new single ‘Break My Heart’ featuring Rick Ross is steady impacting on the urban charts too, rising to #48. Y’know, this song taps into that retro soul glam sound we know Estelle can sell over in the States but I’m just not sold on it. This bores me. Check out the video here:


Britney‘s ‘I Wanna Go’ debuts at #37 on the US Billboard Pop charts and re-enters the Hot 100 at #89 this week. The tour is gonna help sell this one right, guys? So she has announced dates across Europe for the Femme Fatale show – are Aussie fans pressed that she won’t do any dates down here after the last tour’s “miming shock” fiasco? Would you pay to see Britney live? – remains one of the best conversation starters in a gay bar.

Robyn‘s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ is now a US #1 dance single. Round of applause, please. Over on the dance/electronic album charts, her Body Talk anthology sits at #20. Another notable placement while we’re there is Junior Boys‘ fourth studio album It’s All True making its debut at #8.

Chart snack of the week: Romeo + Juliet soundtrack is currently at #106 on our Aussie iTunes, thanks to a special 10 year anniversary re-release. Do you remember watching this movie in high school? Had a total boner for Leo DiCaprio during class – and that, my friend, is a little too much information. Goodbye.