#ThrowbackThursday Young Divas “New Attitude”

I pretty much enforce a zero tolerance policy on the term ‘guilty pleasure pop’. Quite frankly it shouldn’t exist because if a song – however low-brow it may seem – brings you joy then why should you feel bad about liking it?


Young Divas is probably one of Australia’s worst kept guilty pleasure pop secrets. The short-lived girl group – made up of former Australian Idol contestants – was active between 2006 and 2008. In that short space of time, they launched two fabulous albums of covers that would resonate with any fan of skyscraping diva vocals and camp disco pop tunes.

The original line-up comprised of PauliniRicki-LeeEmily Williams and Kate DeAraugo first came together to record a one-off single ‘This Time I Know It’s For Real‘ – a Donna Summer cover – to coincide with their joint Australian tour, where each girl would showcase their solo material. But that was just the start of pure genius manifested.

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Ricki-Lee ‘All We Need is Love’

Aussie pop siren Ricki-Lee reveals a softer side in her blissed out new single ‘All We Need is Love’.

Ricki-Lee All We Need is Love

This is a new angle for the fierce singer who only eight months ago tripped a viper’s nest of moralists with her risqué video for ‘Come and Get In Trouble with Me’. The lascivious clip saw Ricki-Lee riding stark naked on a white horse through a nightclub and baring her breasts smeared in gold paint.

Needless to say, the comments on social media were less than savoury, most amusing of which were from #TeamWontSomebodyThinkofTheKids.

For the record, I really enjoyed the video and single. I will always back her as an artist and grown woman to do whatever the fuck she wants with her art, but that video didn’t do her any favours with her younger fans and their parents. I think as gay men, we sometimes forget Ricki-Lee‘s fan base extends beyond the reaches of poppers and Oxford Street.

Flip the page and change the scene, the singer’s now back with a different attitude and a more universally-embraceable message in ‘All We Need is Love’ – and she did it all without compromising her commitment to making radio-ready dance tunes.

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Feed Limmy Albums of 2012: #10 – #1

Are these really my Top 10 albums of 2012? I mean, over the last 12 months I’ve been making mental notes of LPs I’ve come across that really stood out to me as Top 10 material but it wasn’t until I started ranking them that it sank in how much I’ve enjoyed, learned from, and connected with each one of them in different parts of the year.

Top 10 albums of 2012

2012 has been a really special year for me and one I’ll probably look back on as the year I chose to be happy. I’ve never consciously thought about happiness as being something I choose to attain or achieve for myself. I had always expected for happiness to simply happen as a reaction to something.

I’ve had the pleasure of travelling overseas by myself for the first time this year, I’ve met and hung out with some awesome people in London, Paris, Brisbane and here back home in Melbourne. Making the move to breakfast radio and receiving a broadcasting award from the station after five years on air was such a surprise and delightful moment of validation. I felt my confidence come back to me, not as it was before I lost it, but in a new and slightly more bulletproof form. I was excited by change, I was opening myself to new experiences and beneath all these experiences, the music never stopped.

Although it has been a year of playlists and tailoring my own listening experiences, I’ve been really inspired by a handful of artists who have come through with really good albums. These Top 10 albums of 2012 have all inspired me and my personal exploration as a songwriter and artist (it still feels weird for me to refer to myself as a singer even though I know I can sing. I am not ready for the pressure of being a ‘singer’). There are glossy pop albums here, creative projects that opened me up to new styles and influences, and grand singer/songwriter albums.

As much as I love blogging about music, I’m really excited to explore the possibilities of being an artist myself and that’s pretty much what I’m gonna focus my time and energy on in the new year. Friends, you gotta follow your bliss.

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Feed Limmy Songs of 2012: #30 – #21

Fact. There were more really, really good songs than really, really good albums in 2012. At least, that’s how my general listening experience infers, anyway.

Feed Limmy Top 30 Songs of 2012

I think that’s a pretty common conclusion from anyone who’s obsessed with making playlists and generally prefer a customised listening experience. (See also: “meticulous” and “anal” pop music gayz).

Here comes are some choons that made the Top 30 cut this year, starting from #30 to #21:

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Chart Feed – 10.09.12

More flash in the pan sellers falling off the charts just as quickly as they came. You really come to appreciate what Adele‘s 21 achieved last year in anchoring the music industry, don’t you?


This week the sun shines on K-pop star PSY and his incredible viral single ‘Gangnam Style’. Guy SebastianMatchbox Twenty, Flo Rida, Ne-Yo and TobyMac also come through with the goods.

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Chart Feed – 27.08.12

Success comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, on local levels and global fronts. Some just seem to want a piece of it in every market.


It has been a very good week for overachievers Bloc Party and Taylor Swift, as well as Birdy, Ricki-Lee, and Brandy. Also, find out where new releases from Owl City, Aiden Grimshaw and David Guetta land.

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Chart Feed – 20.08.12

Remember back when it was kinda uncool to be “launched from a reality TV show”?


Well, it would seem that if you can escape that stigma with class and some bloody awesome creative ventures, you’re guaranteed to be embraced by the masses in the way Guy Sebastian and Jessica Mauboy were this week.

Elsewhere on this Chart Feed, it has also been a good week for the Spice Girls, Emeli Sande, Rita Ora and Flo Rida.

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