Feed Limmy: Top 30 Songs of 2015

This has been a tradition since the land before time and Snapchat. While I’ve taken a long break from pop music blogging (the commentary still very much lives on in Twitter), I’m usually tempted to come back to this increasingly unfamiliar Wordpress interface every year and rank, hyperlink and embed my personal favourite tracks of the last 12 months. This year for the first time, I will be blogging with emojis. #downwiththekids

I imagine it’d be nice to scroll back through the passage of time one day to see that once upon a time, Carly Rae Jepsen overtook Robyn as the gays’ new queen of Bubbling Under pop. Once upon a time, Halsey was the flavour of the moment. Popstar of the Future Troye Sivan made an album (how traditional!). They sent troops to Syria but couldn’t extract a record from MKS. Nobody has time for the games Rihanna‘s playing anymore. And two unfuckwithable singer-songwriters in their 20s called Adele and Taylor Swift scrapped everyone’s life force with their massive-selling, Spotify-shunning, numerically titled albums. And where you were when you heard Zayn had left 1D?

Never mind. Here are 30 songs that I really, really liked this year.

Spoiler alert: At some point you might say, this list is really crap. Why isn’t Lana on here? 

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Samantha Jade ‘Up!’ Music Video

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of meeting Samantha Jade would know that she is a real girls’ girl.

Samantha Jade Up! Music Video

In her latest music video ‘Up!’, the X Factor Australia siren gives you an all access pass to a frivolous girls night out with her and her mates around Sydney.

Director Lawrence Lim and the team at Tribal Apes (who also gave us Jessica Mauboy‘s latest video ‘Never Be The Same‘) follows Sammi on a treat yo’ self day of shopping around Paddington, gourmet seafood lunch by the beach, followed by cocktails and some dancing in the streets.

Notes for our international audiences: this is totally a typical day in the life of a sun-kissed Aussie pop princess.

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Samantha Jade ‘Soldier’

I’m just serving stone cold facts when I say, Samantha Jade is a bonafide Aussie pop darling.

Samantha Jade Soldier

There is nothing not to love about her. The girl has the whole damn package: she’s a terrific vocalist and world-class performer, she has a genuinely sweet personality and nobody – bar the Minogue sisters – can rock a cute little dress like her.

After releasing two platinum-selling pop uptempos, Sammi reappears with a slightly darker new single in ‘Soldier’. The aching pop ballad plays like the tear-streaked final cries of a fractured relationship. She ordered The Works on this one.

The perforating dubstep beats, which recall Little Mix’s ‘DNA’, and a heavy shot of melodramatic strings form a perfect backdrop for this personal track, which Sammi wrote about her recent breakup from a seven-year relationship.

“Your silence is a gun-gun-gun-gun, aiming at the one-one-one-one who’s still the same. My love won’t change…”

For a young woman who is always all-smiles and doesn’t tweet her relationship dramas in the small hours like we do, this song really is the first mark of vulnerability we’ve seen from Samantha Jade.

Let’s hope there’s room for a few more personal songs on her long-awaited album of originals, which is reportedly due in February.

Listen to Samantha Jade’s ‘Soldier’:

Report to the dance floor with the 7th Heaven remix:

Feed Limmy Top Songs of 2013: Samantha Jade ‘Firestarter’

“It’s gonna burn when you touch me, when you touch me!”

Samantha Jade Firestarter

I am hopelessly devoted to this Aussie pop starlet who snatched the X Factor crown in 2012.

‘Firestarter’ came about six months after her explosive winner’s single ‘What You’ve Done To Me’ (which made the Top 5 Songs of 2012). It was a risky to wait so long and test the fickle public devotion, but this dance pop number is a scorcher worth waiting for.

The song, which Sammi co-wrote with Sony Music Australia’s powerhouse songwriter/producer duo DNA Songs, sounds like a proper European floor filler. Yes, the musical direction may be a tad obvious for this gorgeous singer, who has been compared to Kylie, but it is nonetheless thoroughly fitting and enjoyable.

The throbbing beat, fluorescent synths and massive belt-out chorus gives Sammi the opportunity to showcase her abilities on stage as a world class singer and dancer.

Feed Limmy Songs of 2012: #10 – #1

People often step to me and say, ‘Limmy, it must be so hard deciding your Top 10 songs of the year. I mean, gurl, you listen to so much shit.’ I then pat their head gently with all the love and sagely kindness of Yoda and say, ‘A Top 10 song you will know, when you hear’.

Top 10 Songs of 2012

And usually that’s not just with one listen. It’s with multiple listens – over and over – everywhere you go. You start making up situations in your daily life so you can mention the song to a friend or quote its lyrics on Twitter. You sneak it into mixtapes for friends and in multiple playlists. You get really fucking upset when people rubbish it or clearly haven’t watched the video for it even though you’ve posted it on their Facebook wall, like, a thousand times this week.

So having said that, my Top 10 songs of 2012 are actually pretty obvious to people who know me. Unlike the albums of the year countdown where there were a few outer-pop forays, this countdown is a no-brainer.

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X Factor Australia 2012 – Live Shows Week Four

I am like that flop godfather who forgets your child’s birthday then tries to make up for it a month later with expensive gifts and all the Pillow Pets he can carry out the store.


I know for the past two years, it’s been my thing to blog about the X Factor, and so many of y’all enjoy reading it – but this year, I’ve kinda been overwhelmed with work and life. It’s not to say I haven’t been watching and observing our contestants from a far, though.

So in touch I am with the show, that I can effortlessly catch up with you guys in week four of the live shows, and act like I never left the judging panel.

Now that we’re a month into the live show shenanigans, I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is X Factor Australia‘s most impressive year yet. Never have we had so many acts that sound so damn ready before.

This week the Top 9 acts take on a legends theme, canvassing everything from Madonna to Michael Jackson, Whitney to The Beatles and The Police.

Even though it could’ve been a really cheesy and predictable stretch for song choices, I’m really pleased that the show producers and judges chose some less-frequently-referenced hits.

Soul sister Angel Tupai gave Michael Jackson‘s ‘Dirty Diana’ more grunts than the Williams sisters in a grand slam, flaw-free pop princess Samantha Jade gave moments with Whitney‘s ‘Run to You’, and Fourtunate surprised us with an obscure Phil Collins single that didn’t even chart in Australia.

Check out my thoughts on this week’s best and worst:

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