Shontelle ‘Say Hello To Goodbye’ Music Video

Tell me something. Has Shontelle ever had a hit in Australia? Didn’t think so.

I honestly thought the Barbadian beauty was gonna hit the jackpot of international stardom with her No Gravity album but shit, it just didn’t fold out that way. Here she is with the third single – ‘Say Hello to Goodbye’ – a bittersweet ballad with a gorgeous guitar melody, stylistically similar to Rihanna‘s ‘California King Bed’.

As far as I know, the track is getting some airplay in America and gawsh, would you believe it? Even in Malaysia. My home boys and girls love their pop ballads, I can tell you that. Don’t need a witness, it’s the truth.


The video is a simple and elegant affair, set in an old train station and classic coach. I actually appreciate the concept because it’s a hundred times more interesting than something depicting a domestic scene with Shontelle packing her bags and leaving the house. Y’know the kind of videos I’m talking about – like Rihanna in ‘Take A Bow’, where all the budget was spent on status things like making sure the pad and car smelled like new money.

Check on three key moments in Shontelle‘s ‘Say Hello To Goodbye’ promo:

1) The first class coach is to your left, ma’am.

Loving the classic scarf, trench coat and glasses combo. It’s like a slightly modern adaptation of a look you’d expect to see up in an old central train station like this. Every thing from the old wooden seats through to the lighting and close up of random passengers waiting is just well done. It sets the scene right!

2) Looking lonesome on the train.

It’s what I do, man. Now there’s a video that speaks to me. I love that the bulk of the train scene depicted was of her in this narrow aisle. Once again, it demonstrates a refreshing take on what could’ve been a very typical production if they had simply gone with only shots of her sitting on the train looking out the window.

3) On the right track.

And she is. The thing with this scene is that, I love seeing it as a long shot and getting the sense of the surrounding but I kinda wanted some close ups of her walking on the train tracks towards the camera. Listen to me, making suggestions like this was some fucking Project Runway for music videos or something. And if so, what credentials does it give me on the panel? David Lim, pop music bloggeur and Year 12 Media student. Over to you, Spielberg.


Shontelle‘s ‘Say Hello to Goodbye’ just like many of her previous releases will probably go unnoticed with the Aussie public, so do yourself a favour after watching the video and inspect her previous singles: ‘Impossible’, ‘Perfect Nightmare’ and ‘T Shirt’. That way you can come correct the next time I mention her on the blog.


Chart Feed – 16.05.11

Lady Gaga’s utterly triumphant ‘The Edge of Glory’ debuts at #6 in the UK and #11 in Australia after topping them iTunes charts for most of the week. While it was initially launched as just a digital promo to countdown the album, the track ended up pulling such tidal critical and commercial love that they decided to launch it as the official third Born This Way single.

Watch Gaga perform a heartfelt, acoustic rendition of ‘The Edge of Glory’ at Radio 1’s Big Weekend:


It really hits home when you see her take it back to just her raw emotions and a piano. I could fucking cry. Elsewhere, ‘Judas’ comes bolting back up in the UK from #20 to #11 and Australia from #26 to #13. Gaga’s The Fame Monster manages to re-enter our Top 50 this week at #34. All signs point to a mightly record-breaking arrival for Born This Way next Monday. The world is hungrier than ever before.

Adele’s chart-ripping 21 spends its third consecutive week at #1 in Australia rivalled by two covers album all up in its grill. Ex-Idol winner Damien Leith’s Roy Orbison tribute filler Roy is reigning at #2 while Ronan Keating and Burt Bacharach’s duet album When Ronan Met Burt [Editor: found bromance] rises to a new peak of #3 this week. But back to Adelegend, her defining debut album #19 also copped a sales surge last week, bringing it to a new peak of #27 on our ARIA album chart.

David Guetta’s new ménage-a-trois of a single ‘Where Them Girls At’ with Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj jumps to #6 in Australia, registering one of the biggest chart leaps of the week. I know it’s crunk dance for kidz but this shit is made so much more appealing just with the added presence of Nicki Minaj. Your faves could never name check Peabo Bryson in such a sick’ning way.

Jessie J’s soulful ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ debuts at #24 in Australia this week. This song is so raw, it aches with every listen. I really hope the world opens its heart and ears to this gem because while ‘Price Tag’ and the swaggerific ‘Do It Like A Dude’ came chart correct. The real loaded guns are stashed away in Jessie’s ballads [Editor’s note: see also – ‘Big White Room’ and ‘Who You Are’]. La Cornish’s album Who You Are jumps to a new peak of #15 here in Australia this week.

Enrique Iglesias’ new single ‘Dirty Dancer’ – featuring Usher and Lil Wayne – debuts at #36 here this week. The song is exactly as you imagine it to be. Sleazy dance pop with fluorescent synths, lyrical content surrounding seductive choreography – gawsh, this shit has been flogged to death, ya’ll. It’s already old. The line was way back at ‘Tonight (I’m Fucking You).

Stan Walker’s exciting new single ‘Loud’ enters at #38 this week. Watch this climb as radio and TV support for the jam crescendos in the coming weeks. Australians, aren’t we proud of our urban gems? Round of applause for Stan, Jessica Mauboy, Paris Wells, Bliss N Eso, 360 and Shakaya.

Jennifer Lopez and Lil Wayne’s ‘I’m Into You’ finally penetrates the Australian Top 50 this week at #47. Mami’s Love? album made a surprisingly decent debut at #5 in the US. Meanwhile, reviewing its second-week performances in the UK and Australia, the album has expectedly taken a slight dip – dropping from #6 to #14 in the UK and #9 to #11 in Australia. Can we have ‘Papi’ on the radio every hour now? Thanks.

Stevie Nicks’ new studio album In Your Dreams debuts at #6 in the US, registering over 52,000 first-week copies to become her fifth Top 10 album. Down here in Australia the record starts charting at #24 this week. The new album was written with and produced almost entirely by Dave Stewart of Eurythmics’ fame. You know you ain’t got shit on Stevie. Her crusty Tasman region can ooze more talent than all the seasons of Idol put together.

The WombatsThis Modern Glitch is tumbling down the charts fast, landing at #27 in the UK after just three weeks on the shelf. It’s thankfully faring a bit better in Australia, clinging to the Top 10 at #7 this week. Elsewhere, speaking of British bands, Metronomy’s The English Riviera debuts at #49 on our Aussie digital album charts this week.

Take That’s new single ‘Love Love’ debuts at #15 in the UK. You know you’re the ish when Pet Shop Boys is opening for you on tour.

Beyonce’s ‘Run The World’ continues its freefalling floppage, plummeting to #37 in the UK this week. Here’s a little light reading while we wait for that life changing video to drop: B has been honoured with Billboard’s inaugural Millennium Award, check out this Q&A where she talks about the influences behind her forthcoming 4 studio album and what life experiences she enjoyed during her mini-hiatus.

Kelly Rowland’s ‘Motivation’ is positively winning. The track continues its climb up the US R&B charts, this week reaching a new peak of #3. The slow jam is currently placed at #51 on the Australian iTunes R&B charts. Ms Rowland recently revealed the title of her much-delayed third studio album – Here I Am – and names the producers on board. Kelly’s stunning dance collabo with Alex Gaudino – ‘What A Feeling’ – is the eighth most added new song to Australian radios this week. Please let this be fucking huge here, you know I’ve pleaded.

Nicole Scherzinger’s newest Killer Love single is decent but it’s still no ‘Killer Love’. The latest jam ‘Right There’ debuts at #58 in the UK this week while the 50 Cent version will be released in the States on 5 June. Looks like Nicole has managed to lock in some amazing promo to properly relaunch her solo career back home. She’s set to perform ‘Right There’ on American Idol this week with 50, and she’s also nabbed a gig as the host of US X Factor.

Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’ bolts up to #46 in the UK this week. I reckon it’ll grow to outperform its preceding singles ‘Moment 4 Life’ and ‘Girls Fall Like Dominoes’, which were both at the cusp of cracking the UK Top 20. She’s had plenty of feature credits and singles that never scaled the mainstream chart stratospheres, but with the prominent feature on David Guetta‘s newest Top 3 smash ‘Where Them Girls At’, things could well blow out now.

Britney Spears Femme Fatale keeps plummeting and I don’t get it. The album, which I will eternally defend as one of the most important records in her discography, has been freefalling ever since it came out. Femme Fatale sinks to #42 in Australia and #47 in the UK this week. It’s definitely fared far better in the US but even then, this week we saw it drop from #4 to #20. Gurl, you’re gonna have to work harder to keep our attention now with Gaga, RiRi and Katy running the game. It’s rumoured that Brit will film the video for her third single ‘I Wanna Go’ later this month.

Interesting chart snack of the week:

Shontelle‘s stunning ballad ‘Say Hello to Goodbye’ is enjoying some form of radio rotation in Malaysia. Yes, huntee. The third single off her underrated No Gravity album made the uber popular commercial station Hitz FM’s Top 40 countdown – a chart based on listener requests. Gurl, throw that in with your royalty cheque from RiRi‘s ‘Man Down’ and you can retire happy in Bermuda!

Feed Limmy’s Top 30 Albums of 2010: #30 – #21

Run and tell somebody.

The Feed Limmy Albums of 2010 is now upon us, ranking my favourite and most defining LPs of the year. We’re waddling in a digital age where consumers are more inclined to purchase individual tracks than to endure an entire album with only a handful of favourites.

And with that comes, what I would expect to be, a pressing need for artists to get it right and craft the strongest and most cohesive album possible. Here’s a picking of 2010 albums and EPs that have made an impression on me and earned the Feed Limmy stamp of approval.

Check on our first ten:

#30 – 8bit Heart by Simon Curtis

Imagine a fizzy fusion of N*Sync pop with Britney‘s Bloodshy & Avant sessions.
Key tracks: ‘Diablo’ and ‘Joystick’.

#29 – Insatiable by Nadine Coyle

An acceptable blend of styles, carefully tailored to reflect the Girls Aloud warbler’s sonic preference.
Key tracks: ‘Runnin’, ‘Chained’, ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Put Your Hands Up’.

#28 – No Gravity by Shontelle

The Barbadian singer’s reinvention and commercial awakening begins here.
Key tracks: ‘Perfect Nightmare’, ‘Impossible’ and ‘Take Ova’.

#27 – Pulse by Toni Braxton

Vocals like suede, draped elegantly over a collection of contemporary R&B ballads. Purpose served.
Key tracks: ‘Yesterday’, ‘Make My Heart’ and ‘Why Won’t You Love Me?’

#26 – Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

Even the hipsters can’t help but give in to this indulgent serving of guilty pleasure pop.
Key tracks: ‘Teenage Dream’, ‘The One That Got Away’ and ‘Firework’.

#25 – Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree by Diana Vickers

A mix of youthful pop and enchanting ballads perfectly tailored for the X Factor alumni’s waify vocals.
Key tracks: ‘Once’, ‘The Boy Who Murdered Love’ and ‘Numb’.

#24 – Still Standing by Monica

A soulful and relevant return to form for R&B goddess Mo.
Key tracks: ‘Still Standing’, ‘Love All Over Me’, ‘One In A Lifetime’ and ‘Believing In Me’.

#23 – Illumination by Miami Horror

To me, this is what summery dance music is in 2010.
Key tracks: ‘Holidays’ and ‘Imagination’.

#22 – Introduction by Florrie

Fun, chic and effortlessly cool – this is only the beginning.
Key tracks: ‘Summer Nights’ and ‘Left Too Late’

#21 – Up From Below by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

My lazy Sunday arvo soundtrack, especially on days where I’m nursing a hangover.
Key tracks: ‘Home’, ‘Janglin’ and ‘Simplest Love’.


Check out Feed Limmy’s Songs of 2010: #30 – #21.

Keep your ears to the ground and hand on your heart for the #20 – #11 of our songs and albums of 2010.

Headlines – 20.10.10

Making headlines in pop this week…

Nadine Coyle has uploaded a four-minute album sampler and a remix of her new single ‘Insatiable’ free for all to download. The Girls Aloud warbler seems to be managing her own online previews a lot better than nemesis Cheryl Cole has with her Messy Little Raindrops ‘unlocking tracks’ campaign, which was contravened by her Soundcloud page already offering free – and mind you, effortless – previews.

Having heard snippets from ladies’ albums – it’s safe to say that Cheryl‘s taking more risks with her sophomore and Nadine‘s project is typical of a keen-to-impress debut: hook-intensive and catering to a variety of styles and genres.

Cheryl Cole‘s Messy Little Raindrops will drop on 1 November in the UK, a week before Nuhdeen‘s debut LP – even though Tesco‘s listed that the latter will be due on 1 November, I highly doubt Nuhdeen would want to go head to head with Chezza.

Grab your free downloads of Nadine’s album sampler and Wawa remix of ‘Insatiable’.

Ke$ha is giving away a free download of her new single ‘We R Who We R’ if you sign up to her mailing list in the next 24 hours. TiK ToK, time’s running. Hurry, bitches, hurry. Speaking of ‘TiK ToK’, I remembered when she released the song as a free download on her website last September before the single broke out and ravaged the world.

You can’t hold a good track down and it’s great to see that labels are finally getting their priorities right. It’s great getting paid for your tracks and shit but let’s face it, it’s even better to have your art heard and consumed.

Grab your free download of ‘We R Who We R’.

Eva Longoria has recorded a rap for her MTV EMA promo. That’s right. YOU HEARD ME. The sizzling actress will be hosting this year’s awards and by means of introduction, she’s lathered it all up in a little lyrical flow.

Femmecee Longwhoria‘s rap manages to name check everything from Desperate Housewives and her Latin roots, through to french toast and Maseratis. Highlight: “When I’m talking, let me make it clear. PAY ATTENTION BOYZ. YO! MY EYEZ ARE UP HERE.” I’m getting visions of a Cheryl Cole hip hop track now and it’s not pretty.

The 2011 Grammy submissions have leaked. It’s mind-blowing to see how many submissions are made and which tracks get put forward and for what categories. The actual Grammy nomination shortlist will be announced on 1 December at the 3rd Annual Grammy Nominations Concert. Here’s a quick highlight of some of the submissions. [via Toya’s World]

Record of The Year: Sweet Dreams Medley (Live)
Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals: ‘Telephone’
Best R&B by a Duo or Group: ‘Put It In A Love Song’
Best Contemporary R&B Album: I Am… Yours An Intimate Performance At Wynn Las Vegas.

Lady Gaga
Album of The Year: The Fame Monster
Record of The Year: ‘Bad Romance’
Song of The Year: ‘Bad Romance’
Best Dance Recording: ‘Dance In The Dark’
Best Female Pop Vocal Performance: ‘Bad Romance’
Best Pop Vocal Album: The Fame Monster

Album of The Year: Rated R
Record of The Year: ‘Hard’, ‘Rude Boy’ and ‘Love The Way You Lie’
Song of The Year: ‘Rude Boy’ and ‘Love The Way You Lie’
Best Pop Collaboration: ‘Rockstar 101’ featuring Slash
Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: ‘Hard’
Best Pop Vocal Album: Rated R

Alicia Keys
Album of The Year: The Element of Freedom
Best R&B album: The Element of Freedom
Record of The Year: ‘Unthinkable’, ‘Empire State of Mind’ and ‘Rapture’
Best R&B Song: ‘Unthinkable (I’m Ready)’
Best Female Pop Vocal: ‘Rapture’ (Sex & The City 2 soundtrack)

Whitney Houston
Record of The Year: ‘Worth It’
Best R&B Song: ‘Worth It’

Leona Lewis
Album of The Year: Echo
Song of The Year: ‘Happy’ and ‘I See You’
Pop Collaboration with Vocals: ‘Lost Then Found’ (with One Republic)
Best R&B by Duo or Group: ‘Love Is Your Colour’ (with Jennifer Hudson)

Christina Aguilera
Album of The Year: Bionic
Song of The Year: ‘You Lost Me’
Record of The Year: ‘You Lost Me’
Best Female Pop Vocal: ‘You Lost Me’ and ‘Lift Me Up’
Best Pop Collaboration: ‘Woohoo’ (featuring Nicki Minaj)
Best Dance Recording: ‘Not Myself Tonight’

Kelly Rowland
Record of The Year: ‘Commander’
Song of The Year: ‘Commander’
Best Dance Recording: ‘Commander’

Album of The Year: No Gravity
Best Pop Vocal Album: No Gravity
Record of The Year: ‘Impossible’
Best New Artist: Shontelle

Check Toya’s World for more submission listings from our favourite pop/R&B acts.

Another month, another Pussycat Doll threatens a solo career. Jessica Sutta, from the axed-PCD line up, has released her debut single ‘I Wanna Be Bad’.

It’s just what you’d expect: racy electro pop with a heavy dose of sex kitten rap. The video sees miss thang sauntering in a courtesan stripper outfit, sensually chewing on a teddy bear and meddling with drag queens. You know, just my kind of night.

“Marcia Hines Tops The Charts Again!” Read the subject heading from this Universal Music press release. Now before you hit up your calendar, no it’s not April’s Fools. Believe me, I checked. What Glam Ma Marcia‘s label’s trying to say is that the former Australian Idol judge’s new album of covers – Marcia Sings Tapestry – has gone #1 on the ARIA jazz/blues chart! WAOW. And there I thought the press photo of her rocking one of Sherri Shepherd‘s many daytime weaves was news enough.

Muscles has announced tour dates to promote his forthcoming EP ‘Younger & Immature’, which is out next Friday. Check out the messy fantastic video for his new single ‘Girl Go Crazy’.

I’m trying to figure out which Asian country they shot parts of this video at. Judging by the writings on the signs and sightings of HMV – I’m inclined to say China. [Editor’s note: I know. Well done, Limmy. Were you a private eye in a past life?]

Grab a free download of Muscles’ ‘Girl Crazy Go (Inception Remix)’

Headlines – 05.10.10

Making headlines in pop this week…

UK X Factor announces their final 12 – but not without some boos and hisses. Several of our show favourites have failed to make it past the Judges House and there are questions as to whether some of the acts put through are ready for the live shows.

Here’s a peek at who made it and who should’ve.

Cheryl’s girls:

Cher Lloyd – I know heads would’ve rolled if ya’ll don’t see young Cher turning her swag on every week but one has to wonder if this competition is taking its toll on her already.

Katie Waissal – this fame-hungry receptionist was written off as a “more style over substance” in her first audition but can Katie back it all up with a decent vocal performance?

Rebecca Ferguson – file this under: “One To Blossom”. Rebecca, the classy belle who’s always dressed to the nines in the competition, will probably take us on her journey of self-confidence discovery and wow us along the way.

Simon’s groups:

1 Direction – the pubescent boyband Simon, Louis and Nicole Scherzingerburger pieced together from this year’s solo male reject list.

Belle Amie – are they for real? I take it that neither Simon or nor Louis have heard of the gay porn troupe Bel Ami? [Editor’s note: thanks Limmy for not linking out this time] Poor lasses.

FYD – in a post-JLS market, can the world handle another X Factor group with an acronym?

Dannii’s boys:

Aiden Grimshaw – this lad will probably rip my heart out and wring it dry every week with his emotive David Gray/James Blunt-style vocals.

Nicolo Festa – the Italian diva-in-training. He brings a refreshing attitude in a competition so often waged on a contestant’s likeability. He has this air about him that says, “you don’t have to like me… but chu will respect me. Why? Cause I’m da boss!” *Cues Kelis in what seems like the most bizarre X Factor segue this blog has ever done*

Matt Cardle – I really fancy this guy. I do. Very likeable. Mamii Dannii‘s got another solid year of male vocalists here.

Louis’ over 28s:

Storm Lee – the American rockstar who earned the ire of Simon Cowell has reinvented himself with a hot pink ‘do. He’s already rocking the stage like a world class entertainer. Fellow finalists, he’s the one to beat.

John Adeleye – I have a soft spot for aged-care workers. I’d be curious to see what songs Louis picks for him.

Mary Byrne – the very likeable Tesco checkout memaw with a huge voice. It wouldn’t have been right to go into the live shows without chu.

Who should’ve made it:

Gamu – what the fuck happened here? Forums and the Twittosphere have been blowing up in protest. Any chance of a wild card?

The Reason – my delicious tradie manband! NOOOOO.

Annastacia Baker – unlike Alexandra Burke, it wasn’t the case of second time lucky for this soulful singer. Having said that, she should be proud for singlehandedly escalating Adele‘s ‘Make You Feel My Love’ sales.

PaijeDannii, your top three could’ve done with a bit of variety. You ushered away (brilliant pun intended, thank you) a promising soul/jazz act here.

Take That – yes, the complete set including your Superstar Robbie doll – will drop their new album Progress here on 26 November. The lead single ‘The Flood’ – produced by Stuart Price (see: Kylie and Madonna) – will be serviced to Aussie radios sometime this month with the video already shot along the River Thames.  This is the complete Take That reunion album we thought hell would freeze over first before we’d see in our lifetime. Perhaps this’ll be the boyband’s big return to the Aussie charts, seeing as the last time we cared about a Take That single was four years ago when ‘Patience’ peaked at #26. Take That’s biggest hit here is the 1995 #1 classic ‘Back For Good’ – which was recently covered by Boyz II Men and – if you’re privy to the scrapped duet demo – Nadine Coyle.

Enrique Iglesias is making one hell of a promo trip Down Under in four weeks. The Spanish heart throb will be hawking his new single ‘Heartbeat’ on X Factor (see Monday night elimination 1 November) and will also be mingling at the Melbourne Cup Carnival. It’s been a bloody good year for Enrique so far – his single ‘I Like It’ has surpassed double platinum sales figures and the album Euphoria is his biggest chart record here since 2001’s Escape.

David Guetta is in talks to nab Christina Aguilera for a huge vocal track. The ubiquitous French DJ/producer told Record magazine that he’s already completed nine tracks for his next LP – due sometime mid-2011 – and is crazy keen for an Aguilera collabo. There are whispers that an Usher and a Will.i.Am cut have already made the album shortlist but we’ll have to wait and see.

Nicki Minaj has swept up three BET Hip Hop awards even before her first album drops. Young Nicki picked up awards for ‘Rookie of The Year’, ‘People’s Champ’ and the ‘Made You Look’ award in recognition of her outrageous style. The fierce femme-cee just keeps raking in the chips as hype surrounding her LP escalates to fever-pitch demands.

Girls Aloud darling Kimberley Walsh has filmed a duet with Ne-Yo for his ITV2 special: Ne Yo Tonight. The pair performs ‘Hate That I Love You’ which the R&B superstar originally recorded with Rihanna. Fascination Records tweeted this pic of Kimba and Ne-Yo in rehearsals three days ago. The show is said to air in December in the UK. WAOW. Go get ’em gurl.

Nelly Furtado will drop a two-disc greatest hits compilation here on 19 November. The Best of Nelly Furtado will squeeze all the hit singles from her four studio albums on CD one and pack in a bonus disc of Nelly‘s collaborations, including three new tracks. The new single ‘Night Is Young’ has been serviced to Aussie radios this week. Universal Music has said that Nelly‘s expected to strike back with a new album early next year.

Pink – one who’s arguably more deserving of a best-of comp – is releasing her The Greatest Hits So Far pack on 12 November. The new single ‘Raise Your Glass’ hits Aussie radios tomorrow and if banter in the blogosphere’s to be believed, Pink had shot the video and completed the greatest hits photo shoot last month. Expect the video to be uploaded soon. The Greatest Hits So Far will fittingly be a CD/DVD affair.

Shontelle has premiered the video for her sensational Darkchild-produced single: ‘Perfect Nightmare’. Talk about a huge opportunity wasted for laser strobes and snap-second editing in the “no way, no way, no way…” part. Sigh.

Chart Feed – 04.10.10

Short Stack’s ‘Planets’ is the highest charting new single in Australia this week, debuting at #4. Elsewhere, we welcome The Potbelleez back into our Top 20 with ‘Hello’ peaking at #19.

Scarlett Belle and Kyle Sandilands probably shared a high five this morning after learning that their ‘Freak Tonight’ single has ascended to a new peak of #37, thanks to last week’s X Factor performance. It probably helped that the track’s going at a discounted rate on iTunesJustice Crew’s ‘And Then We Dance’ also moved up ten places on our singles chart this week after their X Factor performance. The rush-release of the band’s doco DVD is yet to make an impact.

Zoe Badwi’s ‘Freefallin’ has risen to #23 on the main singles chart here this week. That coveted Top 20 spot is so within reach for sister gurl, so I suggest you uncross your fingers and toes and start purchasing. Fun fact: ‘Freefallin’ is co-written by Amy Pearson, whose dabble in dance pop didn’t quite blossom last year, resulting Sony scrapping the album and dropping her.

The bubbly ‘Butterfingers’ marked a remarkable reinvention for the serial balladeer and for the axed album Aftershock, Amy had locked in tracks with titan producers Darkchild (see: ‘Telephone’), The Heavyweights (see: Natasha Bedingfield) and Leah Haywood (STFU, we think it’s love). Sigh, guess we’ll never know now.

Mark Ronson’s collaborative album Record Collection debuts at #2 in the UK and #6 in Australia this week, making it here as our highest charting new entry.

Mumford & SonsSigh No More has bolted back up the charts this week, moving from #42 to #26. They might not want to acknowledge it but you have to put it all down to X Factor Luke & Joel’s cover of ‘Little Lion Man’, don’t you? The single also re-enters at #48 this week. BAM!

Speaking of X Factor power, over in the UK, Adele’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’ has been flogged to death on the boot camp episodes sending the track from #102 to a new peak of #4. Her Grammy-winning 19 album also re-enters this week, sitting at #57.

Simon Cowell’s shiny new act Labrinth sees his first solo single ‘Let The Sun Shine’ enter at #3 in the UK this week. The dance/hip hop artist rose to prominence this year on Tinnie Tempah’s ‘Pass Out’ and ‘Frisky’ singles, and this week he settles for second highest new entry while Tinnie takes another #1 with ‘Written In The Stars’. Labrinth is surprisingly Simon Cowell’s first non-talent show signing in six years.

Kylie’s ‘Get Outta My Way’ has shot up to #12 in the UK this week, following a series of promo performances about town. But that’s not bloody good enough, people. This is Min’s first single to miss the UK Top 10 since ‘Breathe’ choked at #14 twelve years ago.

KT Tunstall’s comeback single ‘(Still A) Weirdo’ enters at #39 in the UK this week, while her US single ‘Fade Like A Shadow’ peaks at #49 on the Adult Contemporary chart. The new album Tiger Suit debuts at #5 in the UK. Fun fact: KT contributed a track (‘Nice Men’) on Dame Shirley Bassey’s 2009 album: The Performance. Must’ve been quite an honour to make the shortlist given that this is the Dame’s first studio album of originals in over 30 years.

Sia’s We Are born album has finally charted in the UK debuting at #74 this week. This is the colourful Aussie songbird’s first album to crack the UK Top 100 and seriously, heads will roll if the world sleeps on this amazing record. Back home here, we’re already moving onto the album’s third single ‘Bring Night’.

Glee’s season return in the US saw all three new covers – ‘Empire State of Mind’ (#21), ‘Telephone (#23) and ‘Billionaire’ (#28) – chart as the country’s highest new entries. Keep your eyes peeled on this Wednesday’s Billboard charts to see where their Britney tracks debut. I’ve placed bets that ‘Stronger’ will the lead the pack this week.

Aussie dance sensation Yolanda Be Cool & D Cup sees their ‘We Speak No Americano’ crack the US charts, peaking at #78 this week. Global domination here we come. Who would’ve thunk it?

Maroon 5’s new album track ‘Stutter’ enters at #84 this week, bettering the chart position of the second single ‘Give A Little More’ which peaked at #86. Elsewhere, Jesse McCartney’s – where’s that album – ‘Shake’ debuts at #90. The pop heart throb announced on Twitter in August that his fourth album’s completed but there’s still no release date set yet.

There’s been a flurry of new albums making its mark on the US Top 100 this week. The most exciting of the pack include: Maroon 5’s Hands All Over entering at #2, Selena Gomez & The Scene’s A Year Without Rain making #4, John Legend & The RootsWake Up! debuting at #8, and Shontelle’s No Gravity sauntering in at #81.

Feed Limmy Top 20 Most Played This Week:

#1 davidlim – Do What I Do
#2 Shontelle – Take Ova (feat. Pitbull)
#3 Ace of Base – All For You
#4 Kylie Minogue – Wonderful Life (Radio 1 Live Lounge Cover)*
#5 Cheryl Cole – Promise This
#6 Erika Heynatz – Holding On
#7 Christina Aguilera – Woohoo
#8 BoA – Copy & Paste
#9 Shontelle – Perfect Nightmare
#10 Joe McElderry – Ambitions*
#11 Brandy – Lifeguard
#12 Willow Smith – Whip My Hair
#13 Margaret Berger – Samantha
#14 Kimbra – Settle Down
#15 davidlim – Sitting In The Dark
#16 Nadine Coyle – Insatiable
#17 Jessica Mauboy – Get ‘Em Girls (feat. Snoop Dogg)
#18 Solange – Stillness In The Move
#19 Rihanna – Only Girl (In The World)
#20 Glee Cast – Telephone
* = Added to playlist this week.

Leak Report – 19.09.10

The Leak Report gives you nosy fans a run down of tracks/demos that have leaked during the week. Hit or miss? Let the snap rating system be your guide.

Shontelle – DJ Made Me Do It (feat. Asher Roth)

DJ Made Me Do It – Shontelle feat. Asher Roth by Rap-Up

Barbadian beauty Shontelle ropes in Asher Roth for a shiny club jam reminiscent of Estelle/Kanye‘s ‘American Boy’. Rap Up reports that this track was penned by The Smeezingtons (see: Sugababes‘ ‘Get Sexy’) and Jackie Boyz (the boys behind Madonna‘s ‘Revolver’), and was originally recorded by Nina Sky.

Shontelle‘s No Gravity album drops this Tuesday and let’s just say, it’s sounding very Europop-friendly. Zing!

Mighty snap.

Kanye West – Runaway

Runaway – Kanye West feat. Pusha T – Runaway (CDQ) by ITSTHEMANSION

You can’t deny it. When Kanye gets it right, it’s absolute platinum right. After 808 & Heartbreak‘s flirtations with electronica and Auto-Tune, it’s pleasing to hear the rapper transition back into hard-hitting beats and rhyme.

Mighty snap.

Kanye West – Lord Lord Lord (feat. Mos Def, Swizz Beatz, Raekwon and Charlie Wilson)

Kanye West featuring Mos Def Swizz Beatz Raekwon Charlie Wilson -Lord Lord Lord by Hypetrak

It’s yet another monster collabo for Kanye‘s Good Friday music project and this one’s a slow jam you can lean on. Out of all the tracks he has dropped over the last few weeks – ‘See Me Now’ featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson, and ‘Monster’ featuring Jay Z, Nicki Minaj et al stands up as my picks of the pack.

Nonchalant snap.

Brandy – Lifeguard

Brandy – Lifeguard by RisingDragon

This is the closest to Brandy sounding right in months. Having said that, this is only BRocka working it at 85% capacity. All the elements have conspired in her favour: a magnificently tidal chorus with a delightful guitar melody reminiscent of anything Ne-Yo did circa ‘Irreplaceable’.

Mighty snap.

Melody Thornton – Love Gun

Melody Thornton – Love Gun by Fashionista101_com

The melismatic ex-Pussycat Ho is foisting a brash soulful sound on us. I’m sorry, love. This just sounds like something they’d play in a Wild West West boudoir.

No snap.

Snap legend:
Mighty snap = this is a hit.
Bounce snap = instantly likeable.
Lightbulb snap = you will need a moment to get into this.
Nonchalant snap = need I say more?
No snap = please cease and decease.