UK X Factor 2012 – Live Shows Week Two

This week’s loosely themed ‘Love and Heartbreak’ theme gave way to probably more mash ups per capita than any other week the X Factor‘s ever had, I reckon.


Most of the combinations failed to add any real depth or point to the overall performance but felt like they were done for a novelty factor.

Put it this way, the best performances this week were all delivered standing on just one song. With the exception of Rylan Clark‘s ambitious cramming of ‘Groove is in the Heart’/’Gangnam Style’/’Pump up The Jam’, of course. That was a premium quality mash up. I hope Rylan mops that for his own performance at G-A-Y.

Elsewhere, cheesy song selections were beyond a joke this week.

District3 was tasked with All 4 One‘s ‘I Swear’,  which came complete with a sappy display that would revolt even the most die-hard of Shayne Ward fans. I mean, bitch. There were cascading rose petals and a rotating pedestal for fuck’s sake.

Wild card entrant Chris Maloney warbles his way through Heart‘s ‘Alone’, as you do. And two Amy Winehouse songs creep into the setlist, courtesy of Jahmene Douglas and Jade Ellis.

I’m actually surprised that nobody walked on with Adele.

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UK X Factor 2012 – Live Shows Week One

I said I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I did it – after telling everybody that I wasn’t with it.


I am gonna be blogging this year’s UK and Australian X Factor series after all, y’guys. Yes, it’s fine. You can let the confetti rain now.

Her name is Nicole.

This year, we tune into a tighter and, perhaps, less flamboyant judging panel with Gary Barlow and Tulisa returning for their second season, while Nicole Scherzinger takes Kelendria Trene Rowland‘s place, and Louis Walsh remains a tired and irrelevant wind bag.

I salute Kelendria for the over-the-top sassiness she brought to the show last year, which complemented the graceful and sage advice she had to give.

She was entertaining as hell to watch as I felt like she was my voice on the show.


However, the stunning Nicole Scherzinger has proven more than worthy of the job – especially after repeated guest judging stints on the UK series (y’all have her to thank for forming One Direction) and of course, her brief but effective judging role in the debut US X Factor series last year.

They are not fucking around with this series.

I know it sounds corny because they say it every year, but I do think this year’s UK X Factor brings something we haven’t experienced before.

Having said that, I would happily cull it down to just seven acts right away after this week’s show. I just don’t have time for some performers.

There are some thoroughly impressive vocalists and bright ready-made artists in this year’s crop that might just change the focus of the show. You can already tell from this first live show that the shift has gone from the X Factor being just a brazen guilty pleasure program to something more legit – well, with the exception of Essex queen Rylan. But more on that later.

Gary Barlow has restored dignity to the ‘overs’ category, as you would expect. Nicole Scherzinger and Tulisa both display very varied performance styles in their boys and girls categories respectively, which is always fantastic to see.

And finally, Louis Walsh is not fucking around no more with gimmicky novelty acts. He’s got three seriously marketable young groups hitting the stage.

It’s musical heroes theme this week. Check out the best and worst of this year’s first live show performances:

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Chart Feed – 24.09.12

We’ve seen the charts light up like it was Christmas this month, thanks to the heavy flow of new albums taking over the shelves.


For only the second time in history, the entire top six spots on the US Billboard 200 are filled with debut entries. Here in Australia, we have eight new albums scaling our ARIA Top 20, while over in the UK, they have six.

Y’all can obviously expect for it to get even more competitive in the coming months as all the strong sellers come out to play for your seasonal spendings.

This has been a good week for Pink, The Killers, Carly Rae Jepsen, Kanye West and – definitely more than ever – PSY, the K-pop icon responsible for ‘Gangnam Style’.

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Chart Feed – 17.09.12

No need to front like you haven’t been doing the ‘Gangnam Style’ routine down the supermarket aisle.

chart feed

This has been a good week for K-pop icon PSY, Amelia Lily, Taylor Swift and Pet Shop Boys.

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Chart Feed – 10.09.12

More flash in the pan sellers falling off the charts just as quickly as they came. You really come to appreciate what Adele‘s 21 achieved last year in anchoring the music industry, don’t you?


This week the sun shines on K-pop star PSY and his incredible viral single ‘Gangnam Style’. Guy SebastianMatchbox Twenty, Flo Rida, Ne-Yo and TobyMac also come through with the goods.

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Quick Feed: Mariah shoots comeback video, Tulisa’s ‘Live It Up’ remixes and Ronan Keating’s return

For those who just don’t have the luxury of time to sit around waiting for Limmy to write faster – myself included – here is a shotgun solution.

Let’s do this thing called Quick Feed, where you get a quick compilation of new music updates delivered through your driver seat window every other day in a brown take away bag with an unfathomable amount of serviettes, and you tell me whether it works or not.

Collect your first edition at the next drive-thru window. The receipt is in the bag.

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Chart Feed – 26.03.12

It’s just past midnight and I’ve been compiling this post for the past four hours non-stop. It’s somewhat understandable that I want to just drop dead now to the sound of Madonna‘s ‘Gang Bang’ on repeat and never wake up again.

This week’s Chart Feed is one for the history books – especially if you’re the world’s biggest boyband of the moment: One Direction. Their legendary storming of the US Billboard charts makes them the first ever British band to have their first album go #1 in the States.

Elsewhere, Katy Perry blasts to #1 on the UK charts and we also look ahead to new releases by The Saturdays, Scissor Sisters and Calvin Harris.

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