Dami Im ‘Super Love’

Reigning queen of X Factor Australia, Dami Im, drops her euphoric second single ‘Super Love’.

Dami Im Super Love

The upbeat number is a bright burst of banjos and danceable pop beats, cloaked by Dami‘s powerhouse vocals. ‘Super Love’ comes with the kind of huge, walloping chorus you usually get from The Saturdays and Katy Perry. In short, we have a global hit-in-waiting right here and this Korean-born chanteuse might just break new territories with it.

‘Super Love’ is written by one-time Australian pop star Hayley Aitken and Swedish songwriter/producers Trinity (Fredrik Häggstam, Sebastian Lundberg and Johan Gustafson), who have worked with Jedward and K-pop heavyweights like Girls Generation and TVXQ.

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Nathaniel ‘You’re Beautiful’

After bewitching us with his crazy amazing falsetto, Aussie X Factor sensation Nathaniel returns with a similarly-styled follow-up: ‘You’re Beautiful’.

Nathaniel Willemse You're Beautiful

The single follows the same blueprint behind his ARIA Top 5 hit ‘You’, which was one of Feed Limmy’s Top Songs of 2013. The familiar crisp, metronomic beats and sky-scraping falsetto hook is back with unspookable resemblance – and frankly, it’s a bore.

In a recent interview with auspOp, Nathaniel explains his approach with ‘You’re Beautiful’:

“We looked at Lorde and almost all of Lorde’s songs are identical or close to being the same type of sound. So we didn’t want to sway too much.

“I’ve had feedback from friends and other people who’ve said it sounds exactly the same as ‘You’. It doesn’t sound exactly the same.

“It’s in that same area stylistically in sound and vision terms. We wanted to follow through with that falsetto vibe, but we wanted to make it a bit edgier, a bit ballsier and with a bit more lyrical depth.”

Look, I totally get where he’s coming from with building a consistent sound and style, but he could have chosen a different lyrical theme. There are plenty of pop artists who produce terrific follow-up singles that channel the essence of the previous hit without singing about the same topic.

Take a look at Loreen‘s ‘Euphoria’ and its international successor ‘My Heart is Refusing Me’. Take a closer look at Lorde, Lana Del Rey and Jessie Ware‘s material – they all established their brand and style with a delicate balance of light and shade.

It’s a shame to see Nathaniel waste an opportunity to do the same by playing it so safe with ‘You’re Beautiful’.

Having said that, the music video is a gem. Check out the impressive Midas-aired affair, directed by Adam Callen from Made in Katana:

Nathaniel‘s ‘You’re Beautiful’ is out now.

Samantha Jade ‘Soldier’

I’m just serving stone cold facts when I say, Samantha Jade is a bonafide Aussie pop darling.

Samantha Jade Soldier

There is nothing not to love about her. The girl has the whole damn package: she’s a terrific vocalist and world-class performer, she has a genuinely sweet personality and nobody – bar the Minogue sisters – can rock a cute little dress like her.

After releasing two platinum-selling pop uptempos, Sammi reappears with a slightly darker new single in ‘Soldier’. The aching pop ballad plays like the tear-streaked final cries of a fractured relationship. She ordered The Works on this one.

The perforating dubstep beats, which recall Little Mix’s ‘DNA’, and a heavy shot of melodramatic strings form a perfect backdrop for this personal track, which Sammi wrote about her recent breakup from a seven-year relationship.

“Your silence is a gun-gun-gun-gun, aiming at the one-one-one-one who’s still the same. My love won’t change…”

For a young woman who is always all-smiles and doesn’t tweet her relationship dramas in the small hours like we do, this song really is the first mark of vulnerability we’ve seen from Samantha Jade.

Let’s hope there’s room for a few more personal songs on her long-awaited album of originals, which is reportedly due in February.

Listen to Samantha Jade’s ‘Soldier’:

Report to the dance floor with the 7th Heaven remix:

Feed Limmy Top Songs of 2013: Samantha Jade ‘Firestarter’

“It’s gonna burn when you touch me, when you touch me!”

Samantha Jade Firestarter

I am hopelessly devoted to this Aussie pop starlet who snatched the X Factor crown in 2012.

‘Firestarter’ came about six months after her explosive winner’s single ‘What You’ve Done To Me’ (which made the Top 5 Songs of 2012). It was a risky to wait so long and test the fickle public devotion, but this dance pop number is a scorcher worth waiting for.

The song, which Sammi co-wrote with Sony Music Australia’s powerhouse songwriter/producer duo DNA Songs, sounds like a proper European floor filler. Yes, the musical direction may be a tad obvious for this gorgeous singer, who has been compared to Kylie, but it is nonetheless thoroughly fitting and enjoyable.

The throbbing beat, fluorescent synths and massive belt-out chorus gives Sammi the opportunity to showcase her abilities on stage as a world class singer and dancer.

Feed Limmy Top Songs of 2013: Nathaniel ‘You’

“Whisper in my ear tonight, you know how to make me feel perfect.”

Nathaniel Willemse You

One-time X Factor contestant Nathaniel Willemse unexpectedly turned out one of the best Australian pop singles of the year with ‘You’.

Not many of homegrown acts could lay claim to dropping a debut single that sounds worthy of Usher, Justin Timberlake or Jesse McCartney. The crisp, metronomic beats that straddle between pop and R&B appears to be fashioned for a worldwide audience.

‘You’ does the job of any terrific pop song: it immediately sets the tone upon arrival and knocks you off your feet by the first chorus. The alluring opening verse and atmospheric vocals are pure sex but thankfully, Nathaniel’s got another trick in the bag: a killer falsetto hook that leeches itself to your brain.

Chart Feed – 12.11.12

I left y’all scratching at the post a little last week because I took my ass on a little vacaycay to Brisbane.

Chart Feed

Bitch, you should’ve seen me lounging on the beach in an island that was practically deserted on a Monday arvo. I was having a Mariah moment frolicking in the sand, trying to look cute for my Instagram photos. But hey, I am back now and here comes your chart feed – which might cover some things I didn’t get to touch on last week.

This has been a good week for Robbie Williams who scored his first simulatenous UK #1 album-and-single action in 11 years. Elsewhere, the following chart showboaters can’t complain either: Taylor SwiftCalvin Harris, Little Mix, Of Monsters and Men, The Wanted, and to a certain extent, Christina Aguilera. SAY!

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Chart Feed – 22.10.12

Well this is a really good value Chart Feed compilation, I have to say. Well, as good as it can be without Girls Aloud and Brandy to really discuss, of course. So until then, you just have to deal.


This has been a good week for our Aussie pop prince Guy Sebastian and songbird Delta Goodrem, new girlband sensation Little Mix and triumphantly, Taylor Swift matches Adele‘s US digital song chart record.

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