Amelia Lily ‘California’

We all thought Amelia Lily had an ace in her pocket when she teamed up with Girls Aloud’s hit-makers, Xenomania, for her debut album two years ago.

Amelia Lily California


‘You Bring Me Joy’, which peaked at #2 in the UK, was a brilliant yet subtle introduction to the kind of pop artist Amelia could be but she eventually scrapped her album with Xenomania, putting an end to their three-single partnership.

Cue ‘California’, which is essentially Amelia Lily 2.0.

The one-time X Factor contestant, now signed to Warner, reveals a more confident and American radio-friendlier sound. Her musical idols P!nk and Kelly Clarkson sound like reasonable influences here but to be honest, ‘California’ sounds like something Robert “Mutt” Lange would produce for Shania Twain.

There are head-banging guitar riffs, crisp drums and male backing vocals on the track sound like a proper homage to Mutt’s work in Shania’s Up album. Better yet, and perhaps what also gives it a slight country flavour, is the song’s distinct narrative structure.

Amelia sings, “I’ve been living in denial, trying to raise a smile. Life is picking on me. Looking at your pictures, who’s that girl with ya? She ain’t a patch on me!”.

Amelia co-wrote the track with producer Tim Woodcock, who has done records for Eliza Doolittle, Simon Webbe (Blue) and Little Mix.

If this is the direction Amelia Lily’s headed in, then consider us well on board with seat belts securely fastened and ready for the ride.

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