Paulini ‘Fireman’ Music Video

Gurl, I di’nt know you could get down like that. Hillsong, how your angels get down like that?

Ring the alarm! One of our beloved Young Divas is back in the game and this time she’s unapologetically scorching up the speakers and screens. Let me present now, the redefinition of Paulini Curuenavuli.

This new dance-inflected single – ‘Fireman’ – finally sees Paulini stepping out and delivering some much needed ferocity. I don’t know about y’guys but when I hit play and clocked her stepping out in that curve-embracing vinyl dress, my jaws just dropped and I thought, “dayum, woman! You finally reached into the back of that closet and pulled out your freakum dress.”

Everything about the ‘Fireman’ era, from the more commercial pop direction and sexier visual presentation, is shaping up to be a bold step forward for the terribly underrated Aussie singer.

“Baby, I’m calling for you!”

Paulini‘s loyal gay fan base has been hungry for years, desperate for the girl to render them stellar vocals to some club-ready cuts. I know we all wished she had launched her comeback last year with Wildboyz‘s ‘Touching A Stranger’ – a stunning vocal house track Paulini co-wrote and sang on that was released as a single without any “feature” credit to her – but ‘Fireman’ is pretty acceptable too.

I kind of approach this song in the guilty manner I take Kelly Rowland‘s ‘Down For Whatever’. It’s predictable dance/pop beats with a bit of sass and heat we’ve all heard before – but it’s just so wildly engaging, you can’t help but want to drop your bag of groceries and strut to it?

‘Fireman’ brings on some devastating Eurodance beats, a vocal performance that gives moments in every section, and a positively jumping hook – and that, kings and queens, is all you need to consider.

“There’s so much body going on.”

I don’t even know why y’all bothered reading all of the above when you’re really here to watch our girl get wet and grind with her entourage of topless, hunky firemen.

This is the first video where I feel like Paulini‘s actually making an effort to step out of her comfort zone and break free from the sweet, maxi dress-wearing image she’s left us with since the Superwoman era. She’s not only serving more skin, but there’s also a proper attempt at choreography and some video vixenry in front of the wind machine.

Just like it was with her former bandmate Ricki-Lee‘s ‘Raining Diamonds’ extravaganza, ‘Fireman’ brings us a promise of a more energetic, more visually stimulating new era in Paulini‘s music and performance style.

Watch the video for Paulini‘s sizzling new single ‘Fireman’:


Paulini will release ‘Fireman’ on 10 February and her long-awaited third solo album is expected to drop mid-2012. Stay tuned.


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