Chart Feed – 29.11.10

Newly crowned X Factor winner Altiyan Childs failed to even make the top five this week, much less a #1 debut. Ba-bow! The cave man rocker’s winning single – ‘Somewhere In The World’ – may have topped iTunes all week but it only rounded off at #8 on the main charts. Yikes! Good luck, Sony, he’s your problem now.

Guy Sebastian could’ve fared a bit better. His new piece with Eve ‘Who’s That Girl’ only managed to debut at #11. While on the flip side, our muscle teddy’s greatest hits compilation – Twenty Ten – debuts at #9. Still not good enough. Take my word for it, the acoustic disc is totally worth emptying your coin purse for. I think Mama Lim got a bit misty-eyed hearing a stripped back ‘Angels Brought Me Here’.

Ronan Keating‘s Duet album is shaping up to be a popular stocking filler this season with a post X Factor sales bump moving the record to #3 on the Aussie charts this week. See? RoRo has become that pop artist who doesn’t need radio support for his singles in order to sell albums. Kinda like Susan Boyle, no? Scary thought, I know. Elsewhere, James Blunt‘s ride on our X Factor finals proved to be a winner with his new single ‘Stay The Night’ bulleting from #42 to #14.

Jessica Mauboy‘s Get ‘Em Girls album is sinking fast and sadly, none of rent-a-rappers on the record can swim it back to shore. There I was, switchin’ it up to ‘Handle It’ – as you do with your morning coffee – when it dawned on me that there probably won’t be a headline tour to go with this album. I’m hoping against hope for something because this album’s too fierce to not at least warrant a string of club gigs. Get ‘Em Girls drops from #20 to #40 here this week.

Willow Smith, get ready for the take ovah! ‘Whip My Hair’ has finally cracked the main Aussie charts at #21 this week. Somebody get this child on some promo interviews here. It can’t ever be a live cross though. You don’t want to exacerbate the raping of her childhood by getting her up at some ungodly hour to do interviews. In fact, Willow shouldn’t have to be woken before noon. She can sleep in, down Captain Crunch and watch as much Cartoon Network as she likes. End of story.

David Guetta and Rihanna‘s ‘Who’s That Chick’ – yes, the one that had everyone trippin’ when she filmed the video for some Doritos special – is finally out in Australia and no one buys it. The track only managed to come in at #36 and is meant to be the big flare for yet another re-package of Guetta‘s One Love album (now aptly retitled: One More Love). On the plus side, the song is the most added new track to radios this week.

Taio Cruz and Kylie‘s ‘Higher’ came in at #37 here. Say what you will of this lucrative pairing but it actually works on record. Shame about the lack of chemistry in the video but can you blame Taio for not wanting to get his hands all over Min? Shit. You’d be fucking scared of handling a goddess too, wouldn’t you? The US version of ‘Higher’ features Travie McCoy. I have no concerns over the hands on Travie there.

Nicole Scherzinger‘s ‘Poison’ is not detonating the airwaves like I thought it would. The Red One-produced new piece is only the tenth most added song on Australian radios this week, even if the track’s been released online here for weeks. ‘Poison’ is now out in the UK, following her bombastic X Factor performance. Attempts at a solo career aside, Scherzy is totally my favourite for a US X Factor judge. I must admit, I’m accustomed to throwing a side-eye at everything she does but her stint on the UK auditions turned me around. Bitch was gorgeous through and through – genuine, sweet and always constructive with her feedback.

UK X Factor Finalists‘ charity single ‘Heroes’ topped the charts this week, selling over 144,000 first-week copies. It’s by no means the biggest first-week sales of the year there – that crown still rests with judge Cheryl Cole‘s ‘Promise This’. The David Bowie original version of ‘Heroes’ only managed to make #24 in the UK back in 1977 but having said that, I’m not sure if this was the chart vindication he was looking for.

Olly Murs has come throttling back with a new single ‘Thinking of Me’, which debuted at #4 in the UK this week. The new single serves as a little fanfare for his long-awaited album which is out in the UK this week. Even though I haven’t the capacity to love any other X Factor heart throb like my boo Joe McElderry, I still hope Olly fares better with his record. My boo’s Wide Awake album exits the Top 50 after five weeks, dropping to #71 this week.

It’s boyband central up in the UK this week with the top three albums there going to Take That, JLS and Westlife accordingly. The record-smashing Progress holds tight to the top spot but the new albums by JLS (Outta This World) and Westlife (Gravity) both managed to break the bank with over 152,000 and 94,000 first-week sales each.

Nicki Minaj is still relatively unknown out in the UK and so a chart debut of #34 for Pink Friday and #77 for the single ‘Right Thru Me’ is kind of understandable. Having said that, I can’t imagine this bad bitch being underground for very much longer. The international markets will catch whiff of the hype soon, if they haven’t already.

Shayne Ward is plummeting as predicted. The Obsession album drops from #15 to #40 this week while his pop/R&B reimagination of Nickelback‘s ‘Gotta Be Somebody’ sinks to #46 after three weeks. Mate, it’s time to launch that sexy 2011 calendar to help pay the rent.

Duffy‘s ‘Well Well Well’ makes a disappointing entry at #41 in the UK this week. Shite. But bitch won’t even flip an indignant hair flick to that because since ‘Mercy’ she has always been more of an album seller anyway. If Endlessly goes in the way of Nuhdeen‘s Insatiable then rest assured, somebody’s getting fired.

A string of new releases bombard the US Top 20 this week and here are the ones you care about: Rihanna‘s Loud (#3), Josh Groban‘s Illuminations (#4), Rascal Flatt‘s Nothing Like This (#6), Glee‘s Christmas Album (#8), Nelly‘s 5.0 (#10), Pink‘s Greatest Hits… So Far!!! (#14) and Lee DeWyze‘s Live It Up (#19). OK I might’ve lied about you caring about some of them.

Rihanna scores her ninth US #1 single with ‘Only Girl (In The World)’ edging to the top spot after 11 weeks. Crazy to think that she has surpassed Beyonce‘s five solo chart toppers there and what’s scarier, RiRi‘s only one more #1 away from equaling Janet‘s record. You know what they said about that Rihanna reign



  1. I agree the acoustic Disc 2 of Guy’s album is a gem. But I’ve seen the words ‘greatest hits’ used in reference to Twenty Ten, which might lead some to believe there’s nothing new for them except Who’s That Girl. But some of the acoustics take the songs a long way from what they once were. I’ve finally learned to love All I Need Is You.

  2. A little premature with the comment about Who’s That Girl not doing all that well. Only reason it debuted at #11 is because it only moved up to #2 on itunes after nearly 5 days of the ARIA counting period was over. Just not enough time to catch up with the sales of the others. Wait till next week’s ARIA chart is posted. Who’s That Girl has been sitting at #1 on itunes for days now, and has just gone to #1 on Bandit as well, and will either be at #1 or #2 on the ARIA Singles Chart come Sunday I reckon. And if it is #1, Guy will become the only Australian male singer in Australian music history(that is going back to the 1940’s) to achieve five #1 singles. He is equal with John Farnham with four now. And he will be equal third with Olivia Newton John behind Kylie and Delta for Aussie solo artists male or female. As for Altiyan he has fallen to #13 on itunes. He will struggle to make top 5. Just goes to show talent found on a tv show can sometimes outlast the critics. Guy sure has.

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