Feed Limmy Songs of 2012: #10 – #1

People often step to me and say, ‘Limmy, it must be so hard deciding your Top 10 songs of the year. I mean, gurl, you listen to so much shit.’ I then pat their head gently with all the love and sagely kindness of Yoda and say, ‘A Top 10 song you will know, when you hear’.

Top 10 Songs of 2012

And usually that’s not just with one listen. It’s with multiple listens – over and over – everywhere you go. You start making up situations in your daily life so you can mention the song to a friend or quote its lyrics on Twitter. You sneak it into mixtapes for friends and in multiple playlists. You get really fucking upset when people rubbish it or clearly haven’t watched the video for it even though you’ve posted it on their Facebook wall, like, a thousand times this week.

So having said that, my Top 10 songs of 2012 are actually pretty obvious to people who know me. Unlike the albums of the year countdown where there were a few outer-pop forays, this countdown is a no-brainer.

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Chart Feed – 17.09.12

No need to front like you haven’t been doing the ‘Gangnam Style’ routine down the supermarket aisle.

chart feed

This has been a good week for K-pop icon PSY, Amelia Lily, Taylor Swift and Pet Shop Boys.

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Chart Feed – 10.09.12

More flash in the pan sellers falling off the charts just as quickly as they came. You really come to appreciate what Adele‘s 21 achieved last year in anchoring the music industry, don’t you?


This week the sun shines on K-pop star PSY and his incredible viral single ‘Gangnam Style’. Guy SebastianMatchbox Twenty, Flo Rida, Ne-Yo and TobyMac also come through with the goods.

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Chart Feed – 06.08.12

A whole season must’ve passed beneath our feet, moons come and gone, colours of the wind changed, since our last Chart Feed – but I’m now ready to immerse myself back into a regime of tireless research on Monday nights.

Chart Feed

Perhaps once the choir of angels performing their celebratory rendition of ‘You Bring Me Joy’ has ascended back to heaven, we can begin this week’s pickings of the ARIA, UK Official and US Billboard charts.

This was a particularly rosy week for Justice Crew and Conor Maynard, featuring new entries also from The Veronicas, Kelendria Trene Rowland and Scissor Sisters.

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Chart Feed – 26.03.12

It’s just past midnight and I’ve been compiling this post for the past four hours non-stop. It’s somewhat understandable that I want to just drop dead now to the sound of Madonna‘s ‘Gang Bang’ on repeat and never wake up again.

This week’s Chart Feed is one for the history books – especially if you’re the world’s biggest boyband of the moment: One Direction. Their legendary storming of the US Billboard charts makes them the first ever British band to have their first album go #1 in the States.

Elsewhere, Katy Perry blasts to #1 on the UK charts and we also look ahead to new releases by The Saturdays, Scissor Sisters and Calvin Harris.

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Chart Feed – 09.01.12

“There shouldn’t be much to report on this week’s Chart Feed because Beyoncé had her baby and nothing else would be on the news, right?” Sometimes I feel like my little brother is the only one who gets the way the world should be run.

On this week’s Chart Feed, the festive season’s definitely been canned now with Michael Bublé‘s career-defining Christmas album freefalling out of the Top 20 everywhere. We all knew it would come to this. Meanwhile, Empress Adele returns to top the US and UK album charts and comes closer to breaking more records, Kelly Clarkson discounts her way back up the charts, and I have a fit over the new Will Young, The Saturdays and Rebecca Ferguson single choices.

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Feed Limmy Albums of 2010: #10 – #1

Yet another annual passes by without any sign of a Holly Valance or Sophie Monk comeback. How do I live? Seriously.

I guess these ten will have to do.

Hark! The final chapter in Feed Limmy‘s massive Top 30 Songs and Albums of 2010: here are the records that have been on repeat – amazed me, taken me on a journey, and had me grooving and miming badly in my car.

Here’s my ten for 2010:

#10 – Aphrodite by Kylie Minogue

Goddess MinMin crafts her most cohesive album since Fever. But where Aphrodite lacks in standout tracks, it makes up for in euphoria and Mykonos pop. You love it.
Key tracks: ‘All The Lovers’, ‘Aphrodite’, ‘Mighty Rivers’ and ‘Better Than Today’.

#9 – Progress by Take That

It takes an almighty manband like Take That to define 21st century boyband pop for us. Yet another glorious Stuart Price-helmed LP soundtracking my year.
Key tracks: ‘The Flood’, ‘SOS’ and ‘Kidz’.

#8 – Ten by Gabriella Cilmi

This nouveau disco affair wasn’t an immediate record for me but it endeared with every listen. It was refreshing to hear Gabi‘s soulful tone manoeuvre in a falsetto style.
Key tracks: ‘Love Me Cos You Want To’, ‘Robots’, ‘Hearts Don’t Lie’ and ‘On A Mission’.

#7 – Bionic by Christina Aguilera

Snortcackle all you like at this cough drop of a flop but sonically, experimental Xtina worked for me. A nod to the Sia ballads and left-of-centre tracks courtesy of M.I.A. and Ladytron.
Key tracks: ‘Lift Me Up’, ‘I Am’, ‘Elastic Love’ and ‘Woohoo’.

#6 – Night Work by Scissor Sisters

An insatiably camp and dark Sodom and Gomorrah affair.
Key tracks: ‘Invisible Light’, ‘Night Work’ and ‘Any Which Way’.

#5 – The ArchAndroid by Janelle Monae

One of my favourite concept albums of all time. Janelle Monae is a game changer.
Key tracks: ‘Tightrope’, ‘Cold War’, ‘Dance or Die’ and ‘BabopbyYa’.

#4 – Sweeter Side by Erika Heynatz

Endearing with its personal lyrics and effortless delivery. The real revelation is Erika‘s gorgeous vocal tone complemented by the stripped back production.
Key tracks: ‘The Best’, ‘Holding On’ and ‘Sweeter Side’.

#3 – Flesh Tone by Kelis

A concise, personal and potent collection of futuristic electro dance. Complete rabbit-out-of-the-hat moment for the urban artiste.
Key tracks: ‘Brave’, ‘Home’, ‘4th of July’ and ‘Acapella’.

#2 – We Are Born by Sia

The unabashed Crayola pop record our Aussie songbird has always wanted to make. An utterly flawless body of work: hook-intensive, soulful and colourful. Everything a big pop album should be.
Key tracks: ‘Clap Your Hands’, ‘Be Good To Me’, ‘Bring Night’ and ‘Hurting Me Now’.

#1 – Body Talk by Robyn

A colossal modern day dance anthology from the most important pop communicator of present time. Energy, angst, restlessness and brokenness fused to an icy, futuristic electro pop backdrop.
Key tracks: ‘Dancing On My Own’, ‘Hang With Me’, ‘Indestructible’ and ‘Fembot’.


Inspect the full listing of Feed Limmy‘s Songs and Albums of 2010. What would you add to the round up?