Feed Limmy’s 40 Songs of 2016

In keeping with this annual tradition that stretches back to a land before Snapchat and Gigi Hadid, I am here to present you Feed Limmy’s Songs of The Year.

Over the years it has become more of a documentation of songs released in the past 12 months that I have really enjoyed or have soundtracked a special memory. I think for that reason, these lists of the more intimate nature perhaps carry a bit more meaning and weight, as they’re not critically-inclined but are measured by the standard of one’s enjoyment and personal connection. Which after all, is what music is all about.

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Feed Limmy Albums of 2012: #20 – #11

Is Robyn Fenty‘s new opus Unapologetic up in here? No, hunty. I am not part of that circle jerk committee.

Feed Limmy Albums of 2012: #20 - #11

I know I promised this post would drop, like, last Tuesday or something but let’s face it – the five of us that read this countdown could probably wait until now. I had all sorts of things going on this week that kept me occupied, which didn’t involve drinking, strangely enough (I’m making for that right now as we speak).

Let’s get on with the countdown.

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Chart Feed – 19.07.10

The empress has returned! I’m surprised that no one I knew was waiting at the airport in the early AMs, fanning palm leaves when Kylie touched down in Melbourne today. They were probably there, even if they don’t make the evening news footage. The cameras were too busy following Kylie to notice these queens prostrating around her. Aphrodite has held on to #2 position for a second week in the row now. Let’s see if this little promo tour will help Kylie secure her fourth Aussie #1 album.

Enrique Iglesias hasn’t had a Top 10 album in Australia since Escape topped the charts in 2001. His latest release Euphoria debuted here at #7 this week, breaking the Latin hunk’s dry spell Down Under. The current single ‘I Like It’ has risen to #2 here this week and it is now his highest charting single here since ‘Hero’.

M.I.A.‘s divisive new album Maya debuts at #21 in Australia this week and while I’d like to hold a candle to her record and say ‘this is the ish’ – I just can’t. She’s an edgy artist who isn’t interested in making accessible music, I get that. I respect that. But what I can’t accept is half-heartedness and that, sadly, is the impression I’m getting with her latest material. If you had spent time marinating in Maya, let me know what you think.

Local rockers Amy Meredith has cracked our Top 20 this week with their breakthrough single ‘Lying’. I get a mental image of Dylan (Haley’s boyfriend) from Modern Family singing this every time I hear it on the radio. Elsewhere, Birds of Tokyo‘s ‘Plans’ debuts at #30 here, making it the Perth band’s highest charting single yet.

Australian radio is finally ready for Florence + The Machines‘ bewitching ‘Rabbit Heart’. The song has been added on commercial stations this week to coincide with her upcoming Aussie tour and slot in Splendour In the Grass. Elsewhere, the bubbly Alexandra Burke is enjoying a delayed reaction to her party starter: ‘All Night Long’. The X-Factor winner made a quick stop here last month to flog the single, sparking an interest that took over five weeks to build. ‘All Night Long’ is one of the most added new tracks on commercial radio this week.

Janelle Monae‘s mind-blowing concept album The ArchAndroid debuts at #51 in the UK this week. Don’t hold your breath for a massive commercial success. Instead, take pride in watching the penny drop as more listeners share the experience of Monae’s art.

Mark Ronson‘s ‘Bang Bang Bang’ has entered at #6 in the UK this week. Elsewhere, Katie Price – the goddess of blinding natural beauty and taste – sees her debut solo single ‘Free To Love Again’ enter at #60 this week.

Esmee Denters and mentor, Justin Timberlake‘s ‘Love Dealer’ jumped from #115 to #68 in the UK this week. Where Usher is barely keeping up with the hysteria surrounding his apprentice, Justin Bieber, the ever-patient JT is still grooming Esmee for big things. This whole mentoring business sounds like something out of an MTV version of The Apprentice. Can we get Diddy on board?

Wynter Gordon‘s ‘Dirty Talk’ has reached #1 on the US dance charts this week while remixes of Solange‘s ‘I Told You So’ chart at #17. Demand for Solange‘s music in the dance scene is going stronger than ever. It would be great to see more underground DJs remixing Sol-Angel & Hadley St. Dreams tracks until she’s ready to drop her next album.

Feed Limmy’s Top 20 Most Played:

#1 Katie Melua – A Happy Place
#2 Sia – You’ve Changed
#3 Madonna – Revolver (David Guetta One Love Remix)
#4 Sia – Clap Your Hands
#5 Erika Heynatz – Sweeter Side
#6 Alexandra Burke – Start Without You
#7 Kylie Minogue – Mighty Rivers
#8 Kelly Rowland – Commander (Acoustic Live)
#9 Wonder Girls – Nobody (Jason Nevins Remix)
#10 Jennifer Lopez – Everybody’s Girl*
#11 Erika Heynatz – Holding On
#12 Erika Heynatz – Kingdom
#13 Erika Heynatz – Bullet
#14 Scissor Sisters – Night Work
#15 Gabriella Cilmi – Robots
#16 Erika Heynatz – I Don’t Want To Wait
#17 Kelly Rowland – Commander
#18 Sia – Oh Father
#19 Vanessa Amorosi – Holiday (Buzz Junkies Radio Edit)*
#20 Kat DeLuna – Party O’Clock
* = Added to playlist this week

Skip The Original: Top 10 Remixes That Matter

They’re a rare sighting like albino koalas but great remixes are special when you come across one.

It takes more than just speeding up the track and throwing some house beats beneath it.

Great remixes enhance the original composition – not overpower or underwhelm it. Great remixes make you think, “OK the original was fine but this is amazing on a whole different level”.

Here are some of my favourite remixes that have gone on repeat more than their original counterparts.

Yoko Ono – Walking On Thin Ice (Pet Shop Boys Electro Mix)

An avalanche of icy electro synths brings out the best in Yoko‘s haunting vocals.

Britney Spears – 3 (Wolfgang Gartner Radio Edit)

The original version was like nails down a blackboard for me. But Gartner turns up the strut factor with carefully placed refrains that leaves you anticipating the beat to drop again in the chorus.

RuPaul – Jealous of My Boogie (RuRu & Rozy Disco Mix)

Where the album version was more 80s synth and Auto-Tune prominent, the R&R Disco Mix pulsates with the addition of crisp drum kits, cow bells and a percolating synth.

Shakira – She Wolf (Deeplick Edit)

It’s always refreshing to hear a radio friendly remix that isn’t overweighted by clubby synths. The Deeplick mix captures the quirky, rhythmic nature of She Wolf and translates it with vocoderised vocals and hand claps.

Jessica Mauboy – Burn (Pop Embassy Remix)

Forget Jason Nevins‘ remix, this is the only Burn remix that matters. Pop Embassy restyles Burn in a fashion that is more accessible to the British pop market. Fans of The Saturdays‘ ‘Up’ would be lapping this up.

Gwen Stefani – 4 In The Morning (Oscar The Punk Remix)

A minimalist wind down of Gwen’s AM ballad – complete with atmospheric synths, ticking clocks and a dark buzzing beat.

Cheyne – Taste You (Sweeter Than Bee Pollen Remix)

Reconnecting the former Madison Avenue singer with her jazz preferences, this generous remix spends the first two minutes serenading you with a saxophone solo and gentle piano tinklings. The loungey allure remains even when the metronomic beats drop in.

Solange – God Given Name (Soulshock & Karlin Mix)

A mellow pop mix that isn’t too far removed from the organic funk original.

Jewel – Only One Too (Filter Factory vs. Lenny B. Dub)

While I’m not a huge appreciator of dubs, it’s hard to ignore the major hands-in-the-air factor of this mix. Added admiration for transforming a beige adult contemporary track into a throbbing club sensation.

In-Grid – In-Tango (S Faction – Benny Benassi Mix)

This is what gay clubbing in Mykonos sounds like in my head. With extreme furniture-shifting bass and some sinister synths, I’d be surprised if the Mediterranean club scene slept on this.